Leo + Scorpio = Agravated Leo

  • This guy i know asked me out and i said yes. i asked him right after (because i had forgotten to before) his Sign. hes a scorpio, which i thought was hilarious in a terrible kind of way because i've made it my mission in life to avoid scorpios and all theyre secrets. We texted for a while and i noticed all he says is "yeah, ok, lol," and maybe a few random smiley faces. unless i ask him to, he wont say anything. i like people to be open with me, but clearly its going to take a while for him, which makes me frustrated because i cant stand not knowing what hes thinking.

    i know he needs time and space but he doesnt act like we're anything but friends. i just need help-like what to talk about, at least.

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you can't stand secrecy and non-sharing, this relationship is not for you. Scorpios are all like that.

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