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  • I know there are a lot of you out there knowledgable about soulmates. Once person said to me in one of my topics that souls are not always meant to be together. I am married and feel like I have found my soulmate in another married person. We are not together but I feel such a connection........I would love any advice on soulmates and twin souls or anything of that nature. This has been very hard for me.

  • Also, I am a Libra and he is a Sag. I notice he likes things to be easy.......whereas I will go through the hard stuff for something I really wany.

  • A soul-mate doesn't have to be a person you affiliate with romantically, it could possibly be a family member or a very close friend. It is also possible to have more than one soul-mate, it can depend upon how many life times you have lived before.

  • I can relate to that feeling of connection with someone even though we are not together. What I have learned is that sometimes we are not meant to be with our soul mate this time around, as in this life time. Does he feel the same way about you? Maybe you two are just checking in with one another?

  • I feel a soulmate is someone with whom you feel a very deep connection; you talk to that person as though you have known him/her all your life. You can say anything to that person, speak your mind, be nice to them or not and it wouldn't matter as they won't hold anything against you, they won't judge you. Next day you'll be right back on track with them. Reason: you're soulmates, you're meant to be together no matter what.

    EdenHappyGirl: if you feel this connection with your married friend, what are you doing about it? What's he doing about it? And what about your husband? Maybe your marriage lacks something for you to be looking elsewhere. You say you're not together. Are you just casual friends or you go out in a foursome?

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  • A soul mate or kindered spirit is any person that you have a special bond with. [Man or Woman] Sometimes you have relationships with them sometimes you don't. they are meant to come into our lives to teach us lessons..good or bad..

    A Twin Soul is something all toghther different..God has made double of everything, a twin soul is half of one. it's very rare twin souls incarnate in the same life time let alone know each other. You do not look alike but you act alike..down to the way you stand or cross you arms..usually at the same time.You have telepathy between you and know what the other is's a part of yourself.

  • I happen to be one of the Blessed ones who know my twin soul, It really freaked me out at first..the instant bond..she is now my best friend..we laugh about the things we do alike now, but at first we'd look over at the other and change whatever we were doing to be different. I know what she has to say even before she says it..we even dress alike sometimes..same color shirts and pants..we laugh about it now as being the uniform of the day..[she works for me]..I can feel her feelings and know what she's doing at different times through out the day..If we are upset the other is on the phone wanting to know what's going on..We are related by blood and our gifts run on the mothers side of the family..So it's hard to say how much is twin soul or family history of gifts.

  • I am 45 yrs old and a still searching for that soulmate, and to me my soulmate would be a reflection of myself, and being an old soul just like myself. This is why it is so difficult to find that person, I have been with one person I thought was my soulmate, but time disspelled that because it was someone trying to be something he was not. I know we all have one out there somewhere, but finding them may be a forever journey.

  • Hi, To me, soulmate is another word for friend. A true friend is a soulmate. A teacher is also a soulmate. I'm not necessarily talking about a school teacher. A teacher is a hero, someone that teaches or shows you something that benefits you. I wouldn't get the word soulmate confused w/lover although you can find a lover that is a true friend and teacher. I've never looked up the word in the dictionary but I will.

  • Soulmate~somebody with whome somebody else naturally shares deep feelings and attitudes (from the dictionary) Personally I believe it's something deeper than that. A true heart connection, of which you feel a piece of yourself is missing until you come together and feel whole.

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