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  • I'm in a rather difficult situation at work. It's too long a story for this post, but I did a reading on it and here's what came up. Please see if you can make any sense of it other than what I interpreted.

    I did a Work Horseshoe Spread with the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg and it came out this way:

    Ace of Coins (Pentacles) -- The Past (things that have influence on the present circumstances) -- Various interpretations: A time to stay open to changing professional fields; a short-lived job that provides skills and information one will use at a later date (the reason this gave me the creeps is that two psychics have already called this job a "temporary job" for me). I came to this job fleeing a nasty situation at another job where I was being forced out and I have struggled with depression and mood swings ever since, which also have led to the current situation.

    Knight of Cups -- The Present (the present situation at work) -- Various interpretations: any business that caters to drinking, dancing and loud entertainment (the store I work at is famous for its inexpensive wine and forward employees); a liar who is a big talker and name-dropper (a coworker and possibly one of my bosses); a deadbeat person who is unreliable (three of my bosses); feeling unsure about which way to go (me).

    Four of Clubs (Wands) -- What is Positive about the Situation -- Various interpretations: any business that warmly welcomes customers (the store I work at); my creative gifts could generate income to help me purchase a home; getting a fresh perspective on my employment picture; moving on to better financial circumstances; finding the perfect home during a major change of residence.

    The Hanged Man -- What is Negative about the Situation -- Various interpretations: full or no participation in business (ahem...that's my situation at work); your hours are decreased (again, ahem...); waiting for a decision that affects your job future (rather, in my case, anticipating that there will be no decision because there isn't a future); you see a situation differently than your coworkers.

    Strength -- Outside Influences on the Situation -- Various interpretations: your inner strength pulls you through a messy crisis; achieving success after a difficult confrontation; building up funds to leave the rat race and develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle (in fact I am looking into attending a farming school next year).

    Knight of Clubs (Wands) -- Best Course of Action -- Various interpretations: escaping serious financial difficulties without a scar; tackle problems; moving forward; departure or flight.

    Seven of Coins (Pentacles) -- Results of Action -- Apprenticeship; work not yet completed; visualization; thinking ahead; planning; slow growth. One interpretation I read was "no success in farming" LOL.

    The scariest thing about this layout was the position of the two knights -- directly across from each other in the layout; each heading in an opposite direction -- the Knight of Cups toward the left (or out of the picture in the past), and the Knight of Coins heading right, into the "future," as it were.

  • This job has been a learning experience for you and you have gotten all you can out of it. Now you need to move on to something that you can use that experience to the best of your ability but don't be hasty. Weigh all your options and find that right path that will further you in your quest. It may not be permanent again but it will be an improvement. Let go of that past and release your depression and mood swings. What's done is done and you can't change it but you did learn from it. Remember the only thing constant in life is change so learn to accept that and you will find you are a much happier person. Your job is a stepping stone and putting too much emotional attachment in it can stagnate you. You are strong but full of self doubts. Rely on your strength more. You can handle it. Maybe there is no success in farming as you invision it BUT it could lead to a better idea. For example, I'm currently studying herbalism and see a great potential there where I thought I was going in a totally different direction. I don't know if I will take advantage of it yet or not but I see that door open. Be open and excited to new adventures instead of dreading and seeing road blocks.

    Hope that helps and I love the art of your deck.

  • Thank you for that beautiful, insightful, and very, very helpful reply.

    The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg was my first deck. I'm part Russian, so I guess it speaks to a part of my soul. The artwork you mention is what it is most famous for, and sometimes I admit I just sit and stare at the cards, lol.

    All the best to you in your herbal studies; may this lead to a happy and properous future!

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