Could i get a love reading with a pisces man and capricorn women

  • my birthday is the 30th dec 1990 his is the 27 feb 1984

    i ended this realtionship but we are still in contact we are trying to make it work, but i feel our relationship is empty that we dont meet eachothers needs, but we love each other and care about eachother very much, he is like my bestfriend.

    im sitting on the fence still thinking which path i should follow move on meet some one else or keep trying with my parter

    i would really appreciate a love reading x

  • MickeyCAP

    You have made your deceison about Mr. Pieses and you now need to move on. YOU will be in a new beginnings stage in 2011 and want to start afresh in romance as well. I feel a Sag man coming your way by Feb. He will be exciting and want to wisk you off traveling to snow cap mountains to ski, or on a cruise to the Medtiranian. You will not be bored with this fellow. He will keep you hopping and be quite the charmer too.

    Than I also pick up that a second man will appear in the middle of summer that will perk your antenna up and send out the intimate radar that signals he just may be a man to get to know also. I hear the name Roger here along with a man name that starts with an A. He will be a bit tamer than the Sag will be , but oh so charming and sexy too. Luckey you.


  • thank you shaubbby for my reading 🙂

    that does sound pretty exciting to me, it is time for me to move on

    thanks again xx

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