1st Tarot Deck Question

  • I did a quick search, but the person who asked the question I had in mind also asked several other questions, so I didn't get to read many responses on the topic at hand.

    Is it true that one's first tarot deck should be a gift given to you? What would the purpose behind that be?

    If you buy a tarot deck you are drawn too how is that seen among tarot readers.

    I get the impression that people are divided on the issue between being given your first deck and buying your first deck.

    Thank you for your time!

  • I'm pretty open about this issue, I respect the idea of having a deck given to you perhaps it has something to do with being chosen by another reader as one who will be able to read.

    Then again I bought my first deck and i've been reading with it for the past year now.

    I'm not sure how other readers will take it but this is just my opinion.

  • I used to ponder on this when I first read that you ought to use cards that have been given to you, but after thinking about it I personally thought how much better for each individual to choose their own deck, one that they feel "drawn" to....after all, the cards work with the readers intuition, so to my mind they will be more "profound" if "chosen" by the readers themselves....

    and again just like KKK , I respect every ones views and beliefs, this too is just my opinion preferring to get my own cards, I am a very new to reading cards and very novice at it, but I'm certainly more drawn to one deck I bought over all the others..... I know others will see this differently....it's good we all have different views on it....a great learning curve!.... 🙂 I think it should always be ..."what feels right for you"

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks for the responses. It's always interesting to hear what others have to say.

  • I bought my first deck four years ago...I can tell you that it takes years to season a deck, not that a new deck will not work, but my deck is much better now than when I first bought it. I have also given a deck as a gift. but I dont think it matters either way what is important is building a relationship with your deck. shuffle it alot sleep with it...smudgeing it with sage seems to have helped its been years since I did this however my cards still carry the scent of it.

  • Thank you. I would have never thought of smudging the cards.

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