I saw my friends aura! the only time its ever happened

  • I wonder if anybody can help me understand more, about 2 and a half years ago i was having a good old chinwag with my friend, when suddenly i saw a dark green light going around her body, but when i looked directly at her it disappeared, then when i looked at her from the corner of my eye there it was, a dark green light going perfectly round her shape, i couldnt actually believe my eyes so i kept looking at her and away again and this light was there. then i said to her, 'leanne you have got a green aura, i can see it!', she looked at me and said she already knew , she had been told before, but i cant remember who she said had told her, i felt spooked about it for ages, i have never seen one before and never have again since, i have tried to find it on her again but i just cant! can anybody understand why this happened, and only one time? i would love to see it again it was fascinating!!! but i do not fully understand it!! has anybody else here had the same experience? kisses 🙂

  • 🙂

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