* May I plz have a love reading* plz

  • I have the worst luck in love I just can not seem to find someone just or me....I have been told that I have been pushing love away but i am unaware of this.. I am 31 with 2 kids and just want to have a family I want to be married but with someone who understands me....any hlp pls......

    I would love a tarot reading....any insight,,,advice.....any hlp will be good at this moment...love light

  • MOONRAIZ, I feel in you a deep disbelief in your own desirability that pushes you to prove that you are sexually attractive to the opposite sex. This is a deep insecurity that must be resolved if you are ever to find someone who loves you for more than just your body. I also detect a subconscious desire to be financially taken care of that may be influencing your love choices. As soon as you deal with the fears that have contributed to past mistakes in love, the right man will be attracted to you.

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