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  • EARTH: The Best Reality Show - Riding the Wave of Evolution

    From Steve: In this session the group covered several important points that will help all of us in the days directly ahead, as all of humanity is riding a wave of unbelievable energy. The part I really like the best in this message was when they started talking about the new communication coming as part of this evolution. They have described Deep Contact before but this time they gave us much more on what it really looks like in daily life.

    They also talked about the release of the energy templates and how that is affecting people. Wide mood swings are becoming common. Some people handle them better than others, and what the group said about depression was very interesting and to the point.

    Then there was the time when they were correcting me for something I said earlier in the broadcast by telling us how many beings throughout the universe are watching us.

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    (You can watch the video of this channeling here)

    Greetings from Home

    Releasing the Old Templates

    We watch as all humans take another step up into an area never before entered. Your energy on an individual basis is starting to explode and it is the most beautiful thing we have seen. We know it is difficult because you have built your entire existence in a very limited space which you call “safety.” Now, there is no limited space any longer and most of you are starting to release the body templates already. We did not think this would actually happen for several more years for most humans. Yet many humans are already starting to release the old templates that held your energy for so long, as you step even further into a new being. It is a new existence for each and every one that will allow you to carry more of your own spirit on a physical level.

    It is very challenging for many of you as you start to release this because the emotions flood in, take all of your attention and quite often distract and ground the energy in inappropriate places. Much of your emotional structure is starting to take a new form during this re-wiring process where you are working on the emotional body’s connection to the other ethereal bodies. Starting to work with this new connection you will feel that all of your safety is gone and everything you have worked on, this little label you call yourself, does not fit any more. We know it is difficult because you worked so hard to come up with that label, or that idea or voice of who you think you are.

    Now you are starting to expand into the universe and discover that you are a part of everything…every being, every tree, every planet, every cosmos, every shooting star that you see in the sky. All of the connections are reaching a point where you will not only be able to see it yourselves, but you will be able to feel it through your newly wired emotional bodies. Of course it is easy to see, but any time you move from one level to the next very rapidly all your safety mechanisms seem to go away and it can be very scary for many of you.

    There has been talk of depression today in this room. Depression is an energy allergy much like the other energy allergies we have talked about (Chronic Fatigue, ME, Fibromyalgia, etc.). Over time humans will find new ways to deal with this. It is happening now as humans are starting to see some of the first inklings of how to correct and harness this energy, which has been perceived as such a negative all of this time. We tell you, dear ones, that not all energy is positive. If one could only see light, there would have no contrast and therefore no vision. It is darkness that allows you to see the light. Embracing every part of who you really are will help you to harness this energy into a positive use.

    Deep Contact

    Now here is the beautiful part and the piece we wish to share this day. We have talked before about a level of communication that we call deep contact. Deep contact is done by each and every person on this planet on a regular basis, but it makes up less than one percent of total conversation. That will change soon as many more of you start to consciously use this level of communication. Let us give an illustration. Imagine a conversation, speaking back and forth using words which do not quite fit. Over the next few years humans may experience challenges with all languages as the meanings set forth no longer convey the deeper meanings needed for high level communication. This will motivate you to come up with new words as you try to package your thoughts differently. The person receiving the message may grasp a piece of it, but the languages humans use now will begin to fall short of needs.

    Deep contact can be described in current times in this scenario. Imagine two people talking, yet not really communicating. They are shaking their heads and just as they begin to walk away from one another, one says four words that go right to the heart of the energy; those four words shifted everything. That is deep contact. In the years ahead, all of the languages on Earth will use fewer words for this very reason. Yes, some of you that play Scrabble will love that. Literally, all of your energy is starting to shift to where you can start using this today. This is what we wish to suggest. It is the piece, the tool, that we want to give you this day to play with…to try new energy shifting tools that you can use on a daily basis.

    Tools for Deep Contact - Thought Projection

    First, let us start this message with thought projection. Humans do it all the time, but they generally do it unconsciously. Start to consciously project your thoughts as part of every conversation, especially in situations where conversations are not getting through. If you re-word it once or twice and feel you are still not connecting, we ask that you simply stop for a second. Just take a moment, a breath, and send them your understanding of the larger picture of what you are trying to express to them. It is not necessary to tell them you are using thought projection; stop and communicate with their soul without words. Then, pick up your conversation again and watch what happens. Watch how easy things start to become.

    There are many of these are tools which have worked well before, but human consciousness was not high enough to recognize them. Before these were thought to be ethereal, fleeting, and imaginary, but now you will find them to have real and practical uses in daily life. We have mentioned that deep contact will be a way of life. There are people who have developed deep contact over several years of a relationship, or perhaps through many lifetimes of having relationships. Right now where deep contact is the most prevalent on Earth is through twins. These are beings who have actually shared and split a cell, and for them deep contact was built in from the very beginning. Once that deep contact is mastered between two people, it is also remembered in future lifetimes.

    Those of you who have experienced that and have ever been a twin, you have a little bit of that deep contact in place with that person even if you do not see them for five or six lifetimes. All of a sudden you meet this person you never have before, and you know them and they know you; you are able to communicate. The biggest challenge most of you will have as this transition takes place is because you have become accustomed to using so many words, the communication media of Earth will have to change radically. The way humans present themselves will start to shift. It will be possible to use very precise meanings in your words, which will actually increase communication and the use of words at the same time. This will also be a motivation for developing common languages of Earth that will be coming soon. It is already in motion, as more to the point versions of all languages will start to emerge aas each language develops a shortened simplified international version.

    There are lots of pieces starting to fall into place, but the tool we wish to give you to work with over this next month is thought projection. For instance, instead of having something to say to someone, let us say that you are going to present—to stand on stage or in front of a camera. Again, before you stand on that stage, go live, or you actually take that step up, thought project the overall picture of what you wish to convey. Send out a mental picture of the message before you say it. Clarify it, see yourself sending it and then open your mouth and you will experience the stronger connection with the audience. We have said many times that the truth is always simple, yet humans must complicate things just enough to understand them.

    What to Expect When Releasing the Template

    All humans have had a personal energy field around them that we call the human template. There are a total of 500 templates and you have chosen the one that best houses your energy. You are starting to release these templates as part of the human evolutionary process underway. One of the primary physical symptoms you have had with these templates is what humans call being overweight. These templates have served humans well for a very long time, but are now becoming a problem. You have literally not been able to expand your energy field so your body has expanded in its place. Some have tried a variety of methods to lose weight, finding only a few that seem to work and only for a short time. That is not the idea, so please do not make it a game or a competition because that turns the energy very quickly. Do not think that you need to be the first person on your block to lose your template, because it is very lonely when you do things like that. What we will tell you is that over the next four to five years, all of you will have an opportunity to fully release this template which has been holding your energy in a physical form. When this happens, the first thing that changes is part of the physical being and of your own connection to the higher self starts unraveling the veil.

    Speaking Your Truth

    You have a veil in place which has kept you from seeing your magnificence. It has kept you from seeing that you are sons and daughters of the king, that you are of royal heritage. Now, you can know it inside. Each and every one of you is starting to feel that pull not only to move to the next level, but to speak what is in your heart. By doing so you bring that light which you have brought from Home, that piece of the puzzle which is uniquely yours and can only be expressed through your energy field—your part of god. Today you have reached a level that was never thought possible. However, we tell you that you have already started a ripple effect throughout all of humanity that will never be stopped again. Your spirit is ready to play in a larger arena no longer limited by the energetic boundaries that you have always been restricted with. This will open a space for all pieces of the puzzle to come back together. In this state of expanding awareness there is a strong pull for everyone to bring their unique piece to the table.

    Emotions will rise to the top for many as this happens. Embrace those emotions as they show up. Depression is an experience most would like to avoid, but do not many of the most beautiful songs come from depression? Does not much of your beautiful poetry come from depression? Did not a wonderful book in this room come from depression? Take the energy and use it in a different way. That is the idea, use it. Depression is a cycle that begins when creativity stops. Take that energy and find a use for it, any use for it. Anchor it and you no longer have to feel the pain.

    The Spark of Light Enlightening Bodies of Dust

    Dear ones, some of the most difficult changes on planet Earth have been in times where you have moved to higher levels. It has happened over and over again during mankind’s brief existence on this planet. In the larger timeframe, mankind has only been here for a very short time pretending to inhabit these physical bodies. Your spark of god is enlightening one of these pieces of dust that you call a physical body. Now that spark of light is being re-wired so that each spark can come through with much more intensity, with much more brightness, with much more of the light of Home, and we thank each and every one for being a part of that. This is the work of those called Lightworkers.

    Over the next few years we will share with you many ideas and tools to help you stretch beyond the boundaries that you have found comfort in. We tell you that it can be a comfortable growth. It can be fun, especially if you share it with those around you and share it with those that you love.

    Cosmic Reality Show

    There is another point we wish to address, for deep contact is something that is very important. We wish to correct something that the Keeper said earlier when he was asked a question about ETs. He answered accurately with the way we have spoken to this point, but we wish to re-fine something this day. When asked about Extraterrestrial visitation he said that most of the ETs that have been on planet Earth have been here for a very long time, and they are part of the six original races that helped create the physical body for your spirit to pretend to play this game. We wish to add more here, as there are millions of what you call ETs and millions of races that are now watching planet Earth every second of every day. Dear ones, this is the greatest cosmic reality show throughout the universe. Human beings are evolving to the next level without leaving their bodies and physical structure. This has never happened before. It would be easy to see how you had planned this, for planet Earth was supposed to end between the years 2000 and 2012. It would have taken you roughly 12 years to finish this game and to close the door, and hopefully the last person out would remember to turn out the lights. That process was well underway.

    This would have created the energy that you were looking in a totally different manner. What would have happened is that mankind as you know it would have ceased on planet Earth and your spirits would have formed a new game. That is what you have done over and over before, as it is what typically happens in games throughout the universe. These games are evolved as far as you can stretch these physical beings. Yet this is the first time that any race of beings has made a conscious step without leaving the physical bodies behind; this is our definition of ascension. It is not about going Home, for that part of ascension is easy because all you have to do is die. But you have chosen to stay here in the physical body while you shine the light. This is underway now, but there are literally millions of races of beings that are now in overtone levels of planet Earth. In other words, other dimensional states which you cannot really see. They are all very aware of their multidimensionality and most of them can walk through what you call a solid wall, for it is not solid to them. It is easy for them to shift in and out of the shadows just out of your peripheral vision, as they have been doing this for a very long time.

    There are not just the six parental races watching. All eyes throughout the universe are on this tremendous game that is going on right now as you humans take these steps. So in those times when you are depressed, in those times where you are feeling, “Who am I? What happened to my label? It does not fit who I was and in the expression of who I was.” In those times when you are questioning yourself, know that there are no less than a billion eyes trying to send you love and pat you on the back for playing a very difficult game that everyone throughout the universe benefits from. You are actualizing god in your new vehicles, your new physical bubbles of biology are forming for each and every one of you. Happening on the energetic structure first, then on the physical level, but it has begun and the easiest way to make it through this is to share your information. Reach out and hold one another’s hand as each one of you takes these steps to the next level, because the time is very magical.

    We tell you that most of the struggle of humanity is happening right now. We promise you, by the end of this year (they mean the end of the next year on 11-11-11) you will be riding a wave of excitement that humans have created everywhere. For there are no magical alignments that take place on the 10-10-10, 11-11-11 or the 12-12-12. There are no cosmic shifts of energy coming in. There is a human wave of excitement and you are expecting miracles, therefore you are creating them. Have you wondered how that works? We have told you, dear ones, the joke is on you.

    You have been on a search for god and it is so hard to see god in the mirror when you look, but that is the reason there are so many religions on planet Earth. Are the religions correct even though they doubt each other? Even though they contradict each other? Every one of them works perfectly. How can that be? Because whatever you put your power into works. Whatever you love, works. Whatever you decide to speak or put your energy into will have a more profound effect. The universe is the missing piece that you are holding.

    Espavo, dear ones, for you have been playing a difficult game completely blinded from each other and are now pulling away the veil. We hope to greet every one of you as you pull aside that veil and welcome you Home. You are creating it right here, right now and we are so in love with you. We hope you feel that connection. We hope you feel our hand on your back every time you feel that depression—every time you feel that downturn. It is not what you feel with the energy, it is what you do with it that makes all the difference.

    It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect because you are looking in the eyes of god when you look at another human being. Nurture one another every chance you get. Please re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together.


    The group

    Channeled by: Steve Rother


  • Wow how beautiful: It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect because you are looking in the eyes of god when you look at another human being. Nurture one another every chance you get. Please re-member that it is a beautiful game and play well together. Amen!

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