Hans can you give me a reading please

  • If someone could please help me. I am in a waiting game I suppose I met my fiance over a year ago at a time when we were both addicts and shortly after we were committed to each other and very much in love we decided to get clean and suprisingly enough even more in love with each other. Even though i am older I admired his work ethic and tenacity. He loved me for showing him what love truley meant. Now more recently he has been arrested for working for the wrong guy more or less an old boss of his was arrested for drugs and has dragged my fiance into it to get a lesser sentence even though we have been on the straight and narrow. I guess the past will always catch up to you, but all the evidence they have is a statement. I have now moved to his hometown to have family support which his family is wonderful but I am still very much in pain of lossing my partner my love as we were in the middle of planning our wedding to be in april, what I'm wondering how long can anyone see that I will have to wait for my fiance and for us to move on and put all of this in the past where it belongs (which we thought we already had) and for us to begin our new path in life together. Thank you for anyone lnsight to this matter, many blessings to you and all.

    my dob 10/26/72

    his dob 07/18/80

    he is not a typical cancer tender, loyal till the end loyal

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  • red35,

    help me: you are constricted by unilaterally social quest for power.

    how long I will have to wait for my fiance and for us to move on and put all of this in the past where it belongs (which we thought we already had) and for us to begin our new path in life together: as long as the error is outside around you things will not happen the way you would expect.

    my dob 10/26/72: this means the desire for money or the birth of a new way of earning money. It represents new beginnings, a desire for something that starts a new cycle of creating. There is pure creative energy in you. You experience the birth of a new value or you suddenly like or want something that you didn't before. This can mean the beginning of a new financial enterprise or the desire to obtain money for a specific purpose.

    any lnsight to this matter: hold on to your close friends.

    So the senses cannot be trusted. Your perception is akin to your passion. When you were a child you were not interested in beautiful men, or in money. You were completely involved in your toys and games. That was your world. When you became an adult your games and toys were left behind and you became interested in beauty, in the body, in wealth and position. Then will come old age and even those toys will be left behind. That is why an old woman and a young woman cannot communicate with each other. Even a mother and her daughter find it difficult to talk. They cannot, because they both speak different languages. Their way of looking at life is different. Do you think a mother and a daughter are able to communicate? It is very difficult. Neither the daughter understands the mother, nor the mother the daughter– not at all – because the daughter cannot see from the mother’s vantage point. And the mother has seen things from where the daughter now stands but found them all to be meaningless. Now it is difficult for her to see things that way again.

    many blessings to you and all.

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  • Beloved red35, Are you in the PA area? Don't worry he will not serve much time and will be home by the spring time. The public defender will plead his case. the evidence will not stand. this is just the final test that he must experience in order for him to not turn back to drugs. This will show him that truly this lifestyle is not worth it. I have a feeling he is Hispanic and is very good with construction esp indoors. Just hold on and the divine spirit will see him through

  • Thank you so much for what you both had to say and taking the time to reply to my post.

    DivinityEye no I am in Texas, my fiance is white and he is a mobile desiel mechanic so always outdoors, but what you might have picked up on was my ex- husband was from PA and he is hispanic so it kinda sounds like that is who you picked up on. But hopefully you are right on, on the rest. So again thank you.

    Hans not really sure what your trying to say other than you think I go after looks and money??? I think that is what your saying and also that because he is only eight years younger then myself that we wont have anything to talk about or we don't know how to communicate with each other. How far from the truth you are I am not materialistic or looking for a new money making deal or the next beautiful man that comes along, I have always not put much stock into what people look like, I have always fallen in love with a person and not there mirror or wallet.

    But I do appreciate you giving me the advice or insite you had, thanks again

  • red35,

    and if they criticise, listen to it very

    attentively. Don't try to reply, rather let your whole

    being respond. If they say what nonsense you have done

    -- which is a natural thing to say --

    laugh about it. Don't take it negatively. Enjoy the

    idea and tell them it is nonsense.

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