Captain and/or Shuabby

  • Thanks for taking a moment to check this message. Could you please give me a reading about someone who recently re-entered my life and what you see happening between us and why is he back in my life. My dob is 2/19/86 and his is 10/9/85.

    Again thanks for your time I know you two do a lot for us on this forum and I want you to know you do make a difference in the lives of so many each and every day.

  • You are both pretty independent people, but your friend may take on the role of guide to you, even though you are tough and aggressive enough to make it in the world by yourself. You will benefit tremendously from your old friend's analytical powers and his objectivity. He has things to teach you about the world and your life, but this is no love match - more a student/mentor relationship. He for his part will get much satisfaction from helping you succeed but he may also gain some financial reward himself in the process, so there may be some form of business partnership. You can give each other much wise counsel and inspiration. Your friend has great empathy for your walled-off sensitivities and vice versa. You are there for each other with a willing ear and a sympathetic shoulder and you both also know when to back off. Passion, wilfulness and instinct rule this matchup and, as long as mutual respect is maintained (which it most likely wouldn't in a love affair), it can be very fulfilling. However, if trust is broken in this relationship, it may never be mended.

  • Captain

    Thanks for doing this reading it helped.

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