• Dear Shuabby,

    Please could you kindly let me know what the new year has in store for me careerwise and lovewise.

    Much appreciated!


  • Hello Faitheee,

    This seems to feel like a loaded question to me. I have some questions for you before doing the reading.

    Are you married and wanting to divorce?

    Are you working in the clerical field at this time?

    What is your DOB?

  • Dearest Shuabby,

    Many thanks for your response! Answers to your questions:

    Not married yet...would love to though, do you see this happening?

    Workwise I got retrenched a year ago andI am busy looking for a new job any prospects in the near future?

    DOB 27/04/1970

    Love and light to you my dear!


  • Dear Faitheee,

    Thank you for your answers and now I can proceed with your reading,

    You will be in a new year of LOVE and 2011 should find you engaged to be married by the middle or the end of the year. It feels like the man you meet will have a high regard for you and knows his place in society and will assure that you are right there beside him. I hear and R in his name and he is of social aclaim is what I hear.

    Your career is on stand by for the next three months and than you can call BINGO as you will find a very good job for yourself. I feel you going into a brick building with some stone on the front of it also, the decor is blue and green and it feels warm like a warm sunny breeze is here to accompany you that day. You will be in a good hearted mood and spirit says they will walk with you that day. Is your grandmother in spirit as it feels like her saying this to you. You will talk to a woman first than a man and they will deceide that you are the one for the job. Would this be in management of some kind because I feel you need to shine your light on those that need your supervision in some way? As if though you will teach others or direct others on the job.

    Things are looking up for you Faitheee, please keep us posted as to your wonderful new adventures in love and a good job.


  • wow, wow, wow this is an absolutely awesome reading, many thanks Shuabby! Will definately keep you guys posted with the developments. Going forward I am going to relax and enjoy the festive season!

    I wish you a peaceful blessed holiday season and an incredible 2011!

    With warm regards,


  • This post is deleted!

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