• Yeah. I know. Still getting confused by a Sag guy. The last few weeks he was as sweet as can be about everything and anything. He's never really mean but once in a while it seems like his "understanding" seems to be short. Remember, he stil calls me every single night. I asked him last night why he calls me if he's not in a good mood? His reply is always the same. He feels like he's said nothing out of the ordinary. Believe me, he can get downright "cranky" at times. Is this a Sag trait or is it my Taurean trait not to take out my bad mood on anyone else? His moods never last for more than a day but they last in my mind a lot longer than that. I promise that I don't say or do anything differently when he gets like that. I truly love him and if these little ruffles are normal for either men or his zodiac sign, I would sure like to know. I'd put up with them always if that;'s the case. They're not that bad. Thanks for anyone's help!

  • Dear outofideas,

    It does not matter what sign a man is. He is showing you his true self and taking his moods out on you is really not a good side of him your allowing to happen in your life. Love aside, you need to set limits now on how you will let him vent his anger or saddness on you. If he thinks he said noting out of the ordinary than that is a red flag honey and you need to STOP that understanding right away. These moods may last longer than a day and you will soon learn that if you marry him.

    If you are afraid to speak out on your own behalf, than please let him go. As I feel that he will take advantage of your good nature and you will allow him to do so making your life a bit of misery in which you do not deserve. Go get some counsling to help you love yourself before him , and choose a mate that is on equal terms and grounds with you personality wise.

    Merry Christmas,


  • Hello Out of Ideas. I have a different perspective I would like to share with you and it is a journey I'm on with a man I have been dating 3 months. He is a Virgo and has a tendency or trait to be brutally honest. We were talking one night when he just got back from work. His work is very physical and somtimes a 12 hour day zonks him. I mentioned to him "you must be tired". He replied "of course I'm $_&&$$$ tired". He then immediately apologized realizing that his response was not nice. I have to admit that I do not have have very thick skin. My tolerance for people that are snappy or mean has not been good. I have run away in the past from mean folks but now in my mid forties realize that we cannot escape the meanies. For one reason or another they have crossed our path or are in our lives. Maybe the lesson for me is to not take others peoples truth so personal. It is THEIR PERSPECTIVE - doesnt make them right or wrong. They are just sharing who they are. Where we can get caught up is in trying to control what others think and feel. That simply aint going to happen. What we can do is to learn from them and allow ourselves to grow by the experience.

    There is something refreshing if you think about a person that is true to who they are. Not putting on a a nice, friendly, loving facade with a volcanoe boiling inside. .......What I am trying to say or the other perspective I am trying to indicate is that I agree with Shuabby that you should definately set limits. BUT ALSO communicate. Let your friend know your perspective or your understanding of where they are coming from and allow them the opportunity to explain their thoughts. They may not even realize that they are coming off as short, cold, or how you are receiving their communication. Allow them the opportunity to share and explain. If in time it is clear that this person is an insensitive mule then yes by all means call it a day and move on.

    With millions of fish in this lovely blue sea why waste time with someone that chooses to be miserable?

    My guys positive moments have outweighed the negative. This is why I am open to allowing it to continue.

    If your friends bad moments start outweighing the good move on with solid hope, faith and knowing that the universe will find you a better match.

    Or give it a little more time so that you can possibly find out why this person is the way they are.

    Just a suggestion. I hope it helps and hope you have a lovely day.

    I send a love hug your way 🙂

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