Shubby can you please give me a reading ?

  • hello

    lm a 32 yr old female my date of birth is 13/06/1979 .could you please tell me what the new yr will bring in love and in my work

    many thanks

    all in 13

  • Dear allin13,

    Your love life will be a bit on the slower more mellow side in 2011, as you will have some life lessons to learn and may even be taking courses to learn a career or to improve your chances of achiveing a higher level of position.

    I don't know that you are married? If not than you will have opts to meet men through friends but somehow I feel as though you will want to be more alone to think about how you are going to regain some confidence to achive a goal.

    In the friendship dept you will have friends and than you will also lose a friend or two in the coming year because you yourself are changeing. That is all right so don't worry about that. I hear the names of Charles, Gary, Roger and Ann coming in here and they will play roles in your life in 2011. I just simply feel very peaceful for you in 2011.

    Happy New Year


  • This post is deleted!

  • thank you for the reading . not lm not married but l have a boyfriend

    can you tell me please if paul and l will continue with our relationship please ?

  • Hello Allin13

    Paul has many things on his plate in the coming year that may cause business seperations. If you are a patience person than yes you and Paul will continue your relationship and it will grow into a deeper loving one .

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