• Now that you know your number, you're not going to get far in this mans army without ruling over your subordinates and adhering and aspiring to your superiors!

    (lol, please forgive my approach. It seemed fitting for I have discovered among the numbers, a chain of command.)

    I am a lifepath 5, this is the number I am to live and am most familiar with. A lifepath 5 is given reign over 4, which represents everything he is trying to get away from, and must adhere and aspire to 6, for every 5 uses his subordinate 4 to seek and carve out his sense of 6, and find his place in the world. A 5 knows problems and is always seeking their idea of paradise.

    This thread encourages you to consider the number that is yours to rule over and the number that has been made your superior in this lifetime. In doing so I believe you will find Wisdom, and I tell you so because I see and feel it with my own three eyes. lol

    Alright then. Sargeant Major will now post the chain of command and then commence with walking up and down the square.

    1 shall adhere to 2 and rule over 9

    2 shall adhere to 3 and rule over 1

    3 shall adhere to 4 and rule over 2

    4 shall adhere to 5 and rule over 3

    5 shall adhere to 6 and rule over 4

    6 shall adhere to 7 and rule over 5

    7 shall adhere to 8 and rule over 6

    8 shall adhere to 9 and rule over 7

    9 shall adhere to 1 and rule over 8


  • I am a six so I guess I am your superior? 😉

  • My name comes out to 6-4-2 and I was born 1-16-1956. From what I've read on numerology charts I am also 11. What does that mean in your opinion Captain.

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