May I please have a reading?

  • Hello, I have been communicating with a gentleman for about 2 months. He plans on making a trip to see me the week after Christmas. I have really enjoyed our emails and am looking forward to meeting him. His name is Ed..........any insight as to where this may lead? Thank you kindly for your time and energy and my best to you!

    Miss D

  • Hello MissD

    Ed will be a very pleasent man and make you feel comfortable with him. There may be one or two small querks about him that will bother you, but all in all I feel this will be a good beginning and you will see him again .

  • Dearest Shuabby,

    Thank you for your time and energy. He seems very pleasant and I do like how he expresses himself. What do you see as far as small quirks bothering me? By the way, once again I appreciate you and your talents. Have a most pleasant evening friend.


  • Hi Miss D,

    We all have small querks. Like a habit of looking to make sure the silverware is clean, or a ticking eye because we are nervous. Laughing out of place due to nerves. These types of querks. Please don't spend the time looking for them with Ed , just enjoy him.


  • Dearest Shuabby,

    Thanks again! I will try to overlook my own quirks! LOL

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