A Brief Holiday Note to All my Dear Comrades here...

  • Am thinking good thoughts and dreaming great visions for all of you on this Forum, especially those who have really impacted my Life and Journey in these past months that I've been a member here.


    During this Season, I am especially focused on manifesting the Christ spirit to the world and to those closest to me in as many ways as possible.

    Love IS the answer...peace be with each of you this Season...and I trust that each of you is using this Mecury Retrograde's energy to positive ends...AND may you have a Solstice that's rich with revelation and deep personal meaning.

    Special blessings to watergirl18 (my dear neighbor in the desert!) and to myjourney (my dear, close Fellow Sojourner in Truth way up in Canada)...

    Remember you are LOVED; remember I love YOU.

    Happy Holidays and "God's" blessings to you in the upcoming Year of the Hare: 2011!!

  • This post is deleted!

  • 🙂

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