Will Cancer sun/aquarius moon "ex" come back?

  • so i finally decided to end things once and for all with my "special friend". What made me decide he just wasnt worth it was the fact that some girl hacked his FB page and sent me a really mean rude message in response to one i had sent him. saying all this disrespectful stuff about me and him too actually. when i told him about it, he acted like he could really care less. like i was bothering him with the info. so that really really upset me. i couldnt believe the way he was reacting. i kept texting him to tell him to fix it, he ignored my texts. i called him he didnt answer. so i told him to keep his "jump offs" in check and that i dont appreciate being disrespected. i replied to the message i received and that was it. hours later i get more messages so he still hadnt went on and claimed his page back. this time she forwarded me messages that he had been sending to other girls the WHOLE time we were together. i had asked him over and over and over if he was talking to other girls, or trying to be with other girls, because at that point my feelings werent strong and if he wasnt trying to work toward something more with me, and just wanted to date around, then we couldve just remained friends like we've always been. i wouldve respected that. thats his right to date around if hes not ready for a relationship. but he told me no every single time, i believed him and we took things to the next level. i lost my virginity to him last year. (im 29 btw.) he knew my issues with trust and with guys and why i stayed a virgin so long. i never thought he would play me like that. SO once i found out that he was basically giving his # out left and right, telling girls he wants to get to know them better, calling them beautiful, wanting to hang out with them, what he's looking for in a relationship (a relationship he claimed to me he wasnt ready for) it made me sick to my stomach. so i told him how his dishonesty made me feel. and i ended our friendship. he still never responded. so im wondering if someone with a cancer sun/aquarius moon will try to come back? i really need to get over this guy. i feel one day we may be able to be cool, but right now is soooo not the time. i dont think im strong enough yet to resist him if he does try to come back, but i know its not a healthy situation for me. help!

  • piscestam,

    so im wondering if someone with a cancer sun/aquarius moon will try to come back? no.

    help!: you live your outwardly directed illusions.

    Powerless against that which has been done, the will is an angry spectator of all things past. The will cannot will backwards, that it cannot break time and time´s desire -- that is the will´s most lonely affliction. Let your will become its own redeemer and bringer of joy!

  • im a little confused by your response.

  • piscestam,

    you should have seen the foolishness of this man. You should have seen the ego functioning in this man. He had stumbled upon a toy. It happens always -- when you stumble upon a toy you think you have come upon truth.

  • ur absolutely right. and honestly i did see it but i made excuses for it because i wanted to believe something different. i'll take it as a lesson learned. i just have this gut feeling (and my pisces intuition is usually right, i just need to learn not to ignore it) that in a couple months when im doing good and feeling strong he's gonna pop back up. and thats what i dont want.

  • piscestam,

    a believing mind is never a seeing mind. To believe is to remain in darkness. But enquiry started in your being. Now you cannot be at rest with your belief. You will have to see.

  • Piscean ladies, i think we should hold on tight to our hearts unless the crab guys prove themselves to be worth of it..

  • I am also a Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon and, although I'm not a male, I can understand why he acted the way that he did. With an Aquarius moon, emotions such as anger, clinginess, jealousy and possessiveness are very unappealing and we don't show those emotions. That's not to say that we don't feel that way (especially having a Cancer Sun, those feelings are inevitable), we just don't show them and we don't act upon them. So that explains why he didn't react to the messages on Facebook. Then, you persistently tried to talk to him about it through texts and phone calls. To him, that infringes upon his personal freedom - something that is VERY important to him. Him ignoring you was probably more of an assertion of his independence than anything.

    As for him flirting with other girls, I would look at his Venus. That sounds like a classic Venus in Gemini or a Venus in Leo that feels that it hasn't received enough praise and admiration from its partner.

    To answer your original question of "will cancer sun/aquarius moon 'ex' ever come back" the unfortunate answer is probably no. Once we move on, we've moved on (that's the Aquarius Moon side) but we will always think back to the relationship (that's the Cancer Sun side) and try to analyze what we could've done differently, what was good about the relationship and what was bad (again, the Aquarius Moon side). However, he probably still wants to be friends with you.

    Your comment about Piscean women needing to hold onto their hearts unless the crab guys prove themselves to be worth it, keep in mind that not all Cancer men are like this. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon and his Moon is in Aquarius, he will resemble an Aquarius more than he will resemble a Cancer. If you want more emotions from your man, perhaps try a Cancer Sun/Pisces or Cancer or Scorpio Moon.

    Hope this helps you out. 😃

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