Are the cards still right? What else is there...

  • First post on Tarot..

    In my last reading I was told that I drew the ace of pentacle and then the ace of cups next...all referring to my book I am writing. She said there was delays and I wouldn't hear from my editors until early January. She wasn't sure when I would find an agent or publisher...but saw me moving to my home town next year. I would really like a closer time frame to calm my nerves. Can anyone fill in some gaps for me. There were questions around my husband too...My date of birth is 5/8/72 born at 12:38 pm initials MKJH and my husband is 6/15/72 initials WCH. Too much stress and too many kids to watch over. Please help guide me with some truth.

    Thank you sooo much for this gift!


  • MollyKathleen,

    fill in some gaps for me: I see fighting.

    There were questions around my husband too: he is thinking about his alternatives.

    ...My date of birth is 5/8/72 born at 12:38 pm initials MKJH: you have great intuition, good organizational ability and the desire to serve and nurture others with some form of knowledge or information. You have much authority and power. But your power comes more from the receptive side of your nature. You know things before they happen and operate on a high mental vibration. You can be high strung and impatient. This brings success in any of the communications fields. It You are successful because of the nurturing quality of the mother.

    Please help guide me with some truth: try to find your rhythm between withdrawal and contact. If you feel open, go into contact, if you feel closed, withdraw.


    a strong woman finds it very difficult to surrender but

    only a strong woman can surrender. A weak woman finds it

    very easy to surrender, but then the surrender is

    impotent. There is nothing worthwhile in it; she has

    nothing to surrender. So you have to understand the

    paradox. I am not against strength and I am not against

    will because only a woman of very strong will is capable

    of surrendering totally. It is the greatest will -- to

    surrender totally. If you don't have will, you cannot

    surrender because you have nothing to surrender.

  • WOW...You have me key on. This last week I have really questioned a couple thoughts that I had and then they would appear on Yahoo front page. Not really news worthy just mumbo jumbo fill in stuff...I still catch myself thinking it coincedence.

    There has been a lot of fighting...almost an internal fight that we both know is there. But, I think with my "gut" feeling that this book is going to go full throttle in a few months, everything will work out. Hopefully, my husbands alternatives will be to go with me on this wonderful journey I just KNOW is going to happen. I feel we are life long partners and even though we have a love hate relationship, I feel next year it will all work out.

    Your last paragraph is an amazing thought and I don't kow if I am the strong woman or the weak. I think the strong woman would fight to succeed and the weak woman is who I have been for many years....

    What do you think on the above thoughts? Is my "gut" speaking? Or do I have a spirit guide?

    Thank you for that amazing response!

    I am looking for tranqulity...


  • MollyKathleen,

    I forgot to answer: Yes, the cards are still right.

    What do you think on the above thoughts? Your thoughts are hurting your heart.

    Is my "gut" speaking? Yes, certainly.

    Or do I have a spirit guide? Yes.


    if you bring your mind with all its tensions and worries to work all out, you are moving in the wrong direction, away from tranquillity.

  • Thank you.

    I would love nothing more than to believe in myself. I talk to myself aloud...well really to who I pretend is around (angels) hoping for confirmation I supose.

    I will do my best to be calm so those around me won't bounce off my negative energy and hope that in the end the picture I have in my head for next year will come quickly.

    I look forward to talking to you again. What an amazing gift you have to write so wonderfully on here.


  • MollyKathleen,

    the eyes of the dead are closed gently; we also have

    to open gently the eyes of the living. I will try my

    best to be gentle with you.

  • So true...and so well put. You intrigue me with your thoughts...perhaps you should be a writer, too? I am sure I will post again...I often look at what I have posted on here with the responses back to see the sense where I was and where I am now. Two steps forward and one step back.

    Sending you greatness and cheer in this festive time of year.

    Look forward to hearing from you anytime.

    Thank you,


  • This post is deleted!

  • MollyKathleen,

    perhaps you should be a writer, too? no.

    Look forward to hearing from you anytime: every disappointment means you have lost an illusion and gained more clarity.


    the day your meditation will enter into your being

    you will be surprised: you will find millions of

    somnambulistic people just moving in deep sleep, living

    lies, corpses. And only then can you recognise a

    man of tao, only then can you recognise who is awakened.

    Before that it is impossible, and the way towards it:

    to throw all rationalisations. Next time you start

    rationalising something, stop immediately, then and

    there. The moment you catch hold of yourself

    red-handed, stop it immediately, even if it feels

    awkward. You were just going to smile, a friend came to

    meet you and you were just going to smile, and you know

    it is a lie; stop it, let it disappear immediately from

    your lips and tell your friend 'Excuse me. I was just

    going to smile and it was false.' And he will feel more

    love from you, because how can love flow through

    falsity? You were just going to say something which is

    false -- stop immediately, even if you catch hold of

    yourself in the middle of the sentence. Then and there,

    don't complete the sentence, ask forgiveness. Watch

    out. It will take a little courage and a little time

    and a little patience to get rid of rationalisations,

    but that's a MUST.

    Sending you love...

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