Reading request please ?

  • can someone give me a detailed reading for me to enjoy and ponder over please? id like to know about my relationships primarily! thankyou 🙂 xxx

  • Hello samuella1985,

    What I sense for the new year for you is that you will let go of a certain someone that seems a bit to needy for you and will meet a man that will be in his thirites and he will be well groomed and handsome is the word coming in here. He will be well educated and speak several languages. You will be intrawed by his wisdom and candor also. He will teach you some about life and alot about love. You will travel with him and really enjoy yourself.

    You have free will to make your own deceisions and you will have to where he is concerned. You also will have new friendships coming to you. I hear Alice and Olive here and John and Thomas.

    You have bright propects for relationships in 2011

    Happy New Year


  • thankyou shuabby 🙂 any one else? 🙂

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