Old/new relationship

  • Back years ago I was friends with JLD and thats all we could be because I was in a relationship. We haven't spoken in years but recently he asked if I would like to go out with him. To avoid my embarrassment I am trying to figure out if he has asked me out as a friend or if he is thinking about getting more involved?

    I've been thinking about him a lot over the last month and I did think about him on and off for years in some form. We were always close and had a great time together as friends. We seem to be a lot a like so now I am just wondering if he is my future? See the next time I fall I want it to be forever! There is an age difference between us but rationality has shut that off with the intuition of what's a few years between people that could be so good together!

    So help me out any romance coming my way with him? If so when?

    Thanks SB

    He's a Virgo and I am a Scorpio

  • bump please 😉

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