Question about taurus and scorpio interaction

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am a taurus woman with a predominately earth chart (with the exception of some fire and only one air--- no water is in my chart at all, although i do have a strong neptune/moon influence that dominates my chart).

    I have noticed that I tend to have awkward interactions with all scorpio men and was wondering what caused it.

    Generally, when meeting scorpio women associates etc. for the first time, we get a long immediately and become friends or a least good acquaintances.

    However, whenever I met a scorpio man, without exception, a strange semi hostile hot/cold type of interaction begins that baffles me to no end. It usually involves him avoiding me, or ignoring me to the point of hostility. Even if not hostile, there is this feeling of hedging. However, (once again without exception) there will points at which a scorpio male associate of mine and i will interact and have discussion. During this time, the discussions are usually very intense, but positive- and generally either relate to an interest we share mutually, or something that is a personal interest or hobby of his. After interacting in a highly energetic involved conversation, we will part ways on more or less positive terms (i feel). But the next time I see them they revert to their previous near hostile behavior--until yet again we have some sort of interaction with him discussing something (usually initiating or at least being more expressive in the conversation). And the cycle continues. It makes working/friendship etc. difficult, because I always feel like they dislike me strongly for reasons I can't discern.

    This is a little baffling for me, because of how well I generally get along with scorpio women (i don't think i've ever had a negative interaction with scorpio woman. if so, very, very rarely).

    Is it just me? Or is this just a difference between the genders?



  • Taurus and Scorpio are complete opposites in the zodiac and, if you throw in the difference in gender as well, you can see how very different you are from a Scorpion male. Scorpions can be very secretive and intuitive. Taurean women are usually extremely sincere and sensible with their relationships, and sometimes find it difficult to trust the Scorpions, especially those of the opposite sex. The Taurean woman needs to modify her often stubborn attitude in order to get along with the resentful, ferocious, angry, and obstinate attitude of a Scorpion man. This may be one of the main causes of conflict between the two. It takes Scorpions a very long time to trust other people as they are suspicious by nature, which can explain why you have to start at the beginning every time you meet up with one. Both your signs are ambitious and determined in your work outlook and relationships, and these very qualities may lead to loggerheads and inflexibility between you. Taurus is straightforward and will not have much patience with Scorpio's complicated mind games, secretiveness, emotional blackmail and manipulations.

  • Hello taurusdreamer

    Welcome i love your name very nice to meet you

    The Captain is spot on with what she says i couldnt have said it better myself im a taurus married to a scorpio i am so sick and tired of the mindgames and secrecy , i dont bother giving my husband much attention when he is displaying these traits anymore, I know that he will never change but still it doesnt mean that i have to put up with it . I find that they also can come across abrupt at times and that they dont talk much that drives me nuts as well as i love a good natter.

  • Hello Captain and LivingonaPrayer (it is nice to meet you too! Thanks 🙂 ),

    Thank you for your responses. I wasn't aware that these traits of Scorpio men would apply to casual/working relationships as well. I guess I will just grin and bear it. I do wish there was a way to have smoother relations, but I guess that will just have to come with time.

    Thanks again,


  • Yeah but, LivingonaPrayer, the bedroom chemistry has to make up for a heck of a lot, eh? 😉

  • You hit the nail on the head there Captain 🙂

  • And I am a Taurus woman with a very dear and kind Scorpio male friend and we never fight, so it's not all trouble and strife. 🙂

  • I dont have any scorpio male friends but i do have a few female one she can be very suspicous but i havent noticed any mindgame playing or secrecy with her . I have an uncle who is a scorp and he never trusts anyone at all hes a hermit and doesnt socialise with other people much .

  • Hello~

    Thank you for your insight. It is just something I have noticed that has been troubling me for sometime. I like to have positive relationships, especially with people I respect (and I generally respect my Scorpio co-workers etc. ) so, having these type of awkward interactions with male Scorpios for all these years has cause me to feel a little put out.



  • Taurus dreamer ,

    Dont worry you are just showing taurus traits when you say that its been troubling in you, if you would ever like to chat with a bunch of other taureens about anything at all please come and join us on our here goes anything thread you will be more than welcome

    here is the link

    look forward to chatting with you more in the future

    take care lot s of love Mags

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