• I have a very strong physical and emotional connection to a man I work with. My DOB: 8/10/69 , his 9/25/1962. We are both married to others.

  • This is best for friendship and worst for a long term relationship. The liveliness of this relationship is unmistakable, yet it is often accompanied by an underlying tinge of sadness. You two certainly enjoy excitement and can make an explosive combination, yet at the same time you are realists and recognize life's transitory nature. Philosophical reflection is important to you both and may become the eventual focus of your relationship. Together you are viewed by others as extroverted and even exhibitionistic, yet away from the bustle of the world you two can share the quiet haven that you need to explore spiritual and ideological issues.

    A love affair will be emotionally volatile. Both of you tend to have strong sexual drives which no doubt attracted you in the first place, but deep feeling is unlikely to develop between you. So there may be little to hold your love affair together. Marriage would almost certainly never work out, since neither of you are very interested in domestic responsiblity or raising a family, and may stray for those reasons.

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