LEO LADY & LEO GUY can this work?????

  • I am Leo lady currently dating a leo guy and was wondering what some of you think about this.....okay everything is good now but what about the long run? is this a relationship to last? hlp......love light


    what about the long run? you negate your spirituality.

    is this a relationship to last? no.


    if you want to play old games once in a while, it is

    perfectly good.

    love light

  • THANKS!!! but i am lost here.....

  • it is so hard to find someone like me.....it starts off like so but never ends this way...


    seek and search.

  • THANKS!!!


    intellect is a rhyme maker, a rhymester. The secret

    of meaning, the mystery of meaning is hidden in the

    heart. You will be able to listen only when you put

    aside the mind.

    I have read that Mulla Nasruddin went into a cloth

    shop and asked about a particular cloth, "Brother, what

    is the price of this cloth?"

    The shopkeeper said, "Mulla, its five rupees per


    Mulla said, "Will you give it for four and a half


    The shopkeeper said, "Sir, even to take it home will

    cost me four and a half."

    So Mulla said, "Good, that's fine. I'll just take it


    Man goes on putting his own interpretations on things.

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