To BellaFlor

  • Boy, you said a million. If you put his goodness toward me as opposed to his "crankiness" it would be 95% good. He has helped me with so much. I just want him to realize that I want to do the same for him. I guess if I he didn't care he wouldn't talk with me every night. We've both been through so much and it's nice that I have the gift of having someone like him to talk and be with. Thanks for all you've said. You made me feel so much better.

    P.S. If he were perfect, I wouldn't love him so much.

  • We are all in this journey together. Learning from each other. That fact that he talk to you every night is AWESOME and says that he truly cares about you.

    You are the driver. Take your time. One day at a time and decide if he compliments you.

    I'm finding out there is no perfect. Read the thread from Captain regaring Soul mate misconceptions. Very enlightening.

    I hope that if he is not the one that the universe bring "the one" to you.

    No matter what every single exchange that we have with each other is a gift.

    Enjoy yourself.

    Thank you for letting me give you another perspective and for listening.

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