Confused. Last 3 wks have been seeing numb;s in 3's , also strange dreams

  • Lately I've had some differnt things going on. Hope someone can help. For the past 3 weeks I've experienced some odd things. Seems like much is going on, but I don't get it! Does this mean anything started with the clock 1111 then 222 then 333, 444,555. I've neve had that happen! Also 10:22 which is my b day. All this keeps happening to me daily. Also I've had 2 dreams The first was my BF calling me early in the am I dream she's calling me and there is another voice urgertly saying "Get Up" I'm so tired but tried to get to the phone , the Voie gets more urgent saying GET UP! I checked and she hadn't called! The 2nd dream is I'm in a kitchen kinda like my grandma, seems peaceful I'm safe, happy. There is a tea kettle and again the same voice says :"Get Up" I'm tired and happy amd don't get up. The voice says 3 more tiimes to get up.. then I get blasted and hear and see the tea pot. Usually when things like this ocur I can figure it out. I'm stumped. Please help. Many Thanks

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  • Thank you sooo much for helping me and for your knowledge. I am so grateful. This helps me so much, I was very positive and I saw I was going down and got very depressed. I so wanted to continue on my foward/positive journey! A person in my life messed me up and I couldn't stop him from doing the same things he had done to me, but I was determended NOT THIS TIME! So again, Thank You so much for the hands up. I will continue my journey with the confidence and faith I was walking in. I will remember your words as I go .Many Thanks Again!

  • Watergirl18 btw my life path number is 29/11. I'm new to this and wanted to ask how that fits in with what I told you, and your reply. Much thanks for your time and knowledge.

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  • Thank you so much for reply. Things are still going on powerfully but the puzzle is coming more into view. Of course I still have many questions. I feel something is being hidden from me. Believe it or not I got a Christmas card with a tea pot in it! Chills went through me and I wanted to throw it, it was again a feeling of home, being safe. Still, I can't shake that something is wrong. It is a deep feeling in my soul. When this happens my soul feeling is right. I hope I can focus and get to the bottom of this. Really cool that our Life Path's number are the same! Hope to keep in touch!

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