• And so, what is the power of this day, this 12:12 gateway?

    It is to provide another opportunity to consciously enter the Kingdom of Heaven that we are creating together. It is to ensure that you are awake, aware and fully present to the presence of greater consciousness in your experience right now. Every day provides that opportunity but the power lies in the collective joining of minds in consciousness and expanded awareness where you keep joining arms in the Light to create together. It is about unity consciousness. It is about showing up together to make a difference in your world. To gather for the Light. To gather for the purposes of raising up together. For community of Light. For greater Light. As your grandmother used to say, “Many hands make light work”…it is so here, but you might simply say “Many hearts make Light!”

    All you need do is open your heart. All you need do is unburden your heart and mind from your own pain and self-induced torture - and perceive, believe and conceive the highest good for all. It is possible when enough truly focus, with pure intent, on this as if it were so. Not as if it were possible, as if it exists, and so it will be. But as you know, the clearing of the illusion continues with many, not to mention those who are creating unconsciously. But maintain focus only on the good, the true, the pure and the heart. Be Love. Be peace. Be kindness. Be joy. Be Light. Platitudes are only what you do not embody.

    Look beyond the illusion (do not push against it) and continue to hold the Light of goodness and wellness and resilience and vitality and radiance and purity and all that you can conceive that is expanded. If it is less than that, you are resisting and recreating that which you do not want. Go past it and stretch as far as your heart (followed by the mind) can go into the realms of trust and surrender. Remember, you are co-creating - and your partner has your back and a little bit more experience, so trust. You are the angel in training, so it’s wise to trust your teacher!

    Make everything you do with Love. If it is not of Love, turn the other cheek and pursue what you desire, what you know to be true. Make the whole thing a Love fest. As corny as that sounds, try it. You will like how it feels, and that is all that matters. Feeling is the fuel of the Divine. Even the tougher emotions are soothed by their highest option of Love. So that is the checkpoint for all that you do…ask yourself if it is of Love. If it isn’t, stop. To self or the other, to everyone, to Mother Earth, to life…as all are The One.

    And so on this day of 12:12 it is a recommitment to who you know you are and that you join your family of Light for the highest good of all…this will lead you into a very powerful lunar eclipse full moon solstice on 12:21. Both numerologic double threes, the number of Christ Consciousness. Both about masculine and feminine balance within, so that you bring to the world so that it can access this Divine union and balance of both strengths. As above, so below - as within, so without.

    You are Divine in action. Be the Love of the season and always, in all ways.

    We are together in this, unified by Love.

    Ride the wave!


    And the Council of Light That We Know is Within


  • We live in exciting, amazing times. Thanks for keeping us posted, Poetic.

  • K. Captain, I hope everything is fine with you! 🙂

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