Trying to understand Pisces <3

  • First of all, Hello everybody!!

    Second of all, Please Help me!!

    I'll give you a quick ramble on what's the issue at hand. Apologies already, for I know this is not going to be Sheakspeare...

    I met a Pisces guy a few months back through work. He was visiting for the weekend and we spent time together because of work. We went out partying as a group and I felt this odd pull towards him. But that was all. I caught him looking at me and at one point he whispered this joke in my ear. He also asked about my hair. Silly, really, that I should remember all these details so well...

    So we became facebook friends, but never chatted or anything. I thought about him quite a bit, but never contacted him. I don't know why. He rally made an impression on me, though. But I felt too shy to do anything. After over a month, just as I was kind of not so much thinking of him anymore, out of the blue, he starts chatting. And it was so much fun, for about four or five days in a row we chatted about this and that, mostly just joking about stuff. One night we talked about more serious stuff, personal things, relationships, courage to be oneself and stand behind ones opinions etc. All the time it was just so easy and flowing. He seems pretty open and just so refreshing.

    Then one day I get this distressed message where he asks for my email. He says he's going to leave fb for a bit, that he is going through a prolonged and painful breakup, but that he is glad I'm here, that it helps. That he is only sad I live so far away. I'm quite blown away by his sincerity and openness. After that we chat for a bit, but I feel like he is in so much pain that it's hard, because there is nothing I can do and we don't know each other that well. I felt lost for what I could say, he seemed to be like an open wound. So I let him know that I wish all good things for him, that he starts feeling better and that I want to be only a positive and good aspect for him.

    After this it all sort of slows down. I don't hear from him. I know he is busy and also I want him to just take care of himself and feel better. After about a week I send him a message to say I wish he is feeling even a little bit better. I know he'd be traveling for a few weeks for work so that he won't be online, and I want him to know I thought of him. He replies in a very formal manner, I think, beginning: "thanks for your concerns, i am better. and how are you?". I don't know what I expected, but just felt strange. I replied I was very lad he was getting "there" and that I was just peechy-keen.

    So now I'm just confused. I feel this magnetism. But I don't know if he sees/feels any of that. He seems like a well behaved nice guy, so maybe he is just being nice and I'm my usual self, letting my emotions get the best of me and just being swept away... I'm so intrigued by his mind and I feel this incredible kindness in him. But at the same time, I know he has just broken up and also we live in different countries and it's all just very, very confusing.

    Do you think he sees me as anything more than just a fun chat?

    Any thoughts, any insight, ANYTHING, received with such gratitude as I am going insane 😄

  • Hmm, I am feeling this guy's relationship breakup was a result of how much time he spends online chatting to other people. And he does have an awful lot of online relationships. He is heavily into fantasy and likes to think of himself as this virile 'fisherman' with a large amount of 'fish' on his hooks. But when it comes to reality, he's just not good at relationships and handling his emotions. He's all over the place in love and has bad self-esteem. Yes he likes you - but then he likes everyone he chats to. They all boost his low self-esteem but I doubt he wants to do anything more than chat. That would shatter his pretend self-image by reminding him of what a failure he is at real-life relationships. Basically he loves the first hook-ups but quickly tires of 'old' acquaintances, needing new stimulation all the time.

  • Hi,

    I'm a pisces, and I will try to tell you how we work..

    Going through a breakup... this is a process it's not just one day your fine and over it. Dealing with all of the sadness is something that takes me deeper in a whirl-wind of how & what I can do to BE great & Find someone who really nutures me fully, (girl even those lil messages help!!!) I listen all the time, though one of my biggest faults is getting in hermit mode and living in my head of fantasies..

    Very cautious at times of breakups and also high tension sitiuations. I'll wait till the storm is over to be fully prepared to do it right with someone who is willing to do just that as well, be happy with yourself and he with him.

    Sounds like he's doing what I would do, take care of # 1, which is a trial every toiling hour... I have a lot of emotions to sort through at times as this, & always make a get away plan at precisely the right timing all to say hello to that person who cared & still cares for me.

    Just figure out if you guys could atleast meet up in person, face to face is our favorite time to talk, and we'll be so truthful to any doting ear.

    Just think if you did live closer or maybe in an effort to just meet up once, all else will then fall in it's place dear 🙂


  • Thanks for your replies!

    Goldenxxxgodess, you are right, breaking up does take time, I know. I know... And that is exactly what I do want to give him. I hope he doesn't take it as me freaking out over his trouble and getting out of touch. He seems like this strange combo of rather shy and strangely confident. I don't want to push things, so I let him set the pace for now. Hope he gets what I mean by this.

    Before things got this complex, there was talk of when would I be around where he lives and vice versa. I know for a fact that we will meet in May, we will be both attending a certain event then. But that's a long time. I would have reason to travel where he lives for other things as well, I am tempted. But I think I might be setting myself up for a lot of expectations, we might not even meet.

    I don't know, talking about meeting, inviting him over now would seem like I'm pushing it, I would not want to impose.

    So, I guess I'll wait and see once he gets back from his trip, see if he contacts me and take it from there. Up until then, I guess I'll keep dreaming. Life can be so strange.

  • you'll never understand a Pisces my dear. i think you should listen to the Captain but from what I get from my water cousins is this...

    if you are not in their reality, all you will get from them is fantasy. it will be a pretty great fantasy, full of charged emotions, mystery and stimulation but it doesn't transfer into day to day life. Long distance does not work with water signs because we need face to face contact to connect the undercurrents.

    play out the fantasy with him but recognize it for what it is, or you will only get hurt

    i'm a cancer

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