CANCER ever truly move on?

  • what the longest you people has heard or seen a cancer shell for?

  • Depending on how badly you screwed up with her, she might have 1) decided to permanently press the delete button on you/or keeping you in the just friends zone OR 2) waiting for you to undo the damage and start over a new leaf.

    It's just that when a cancerian's feelings are deeply involved into something and we notice a betrayal of trust, it shocks us like a sudden jolt of electricity.....we need time to recuperate from the damage caused to our emotional beings...

    Relationship with a cancer is like a pane of glass....when the going is smooth, the cancer would shine in all its glory and give 200% to the relationship...however, the moment some serious damage is caused to her emotional being, it's like a big splinter in the glass which won't repair.

    Now, let's cut into the chase and let me offer some insights into what can help you win her back:

    1. First, try to contact her all over again. Apologize, once, if needed. Giver her a warm hug and kiss. But, don't bring up that subject again. Just tell her once, "I don't know what I did last time hurt you so much but whatever it is, it won't happen again. I can't live without you." Show her how much you miss her. How much you need her. She'd be more receptive to those forward-looking promises than a million apologies.

    2. Take her out to a candle-light dinner or a very romantic setting. Be original and creative. It should be important to make her feel that every moment is special.

    3. Express your generosity and self-lessness in love. Show her that she means to you more than all the money and possessions you have.

    4. Of course, a little bit of humour and finesse is needed apart from the mushy stuff. Cancerian females desire intelligent lovers so prove you're one of them. In fact, try to prove you're the only one for her.

    5. Another thing that might curry favour for you is to express your own vulnerable side. Bring down that external demeanour and show her the loneliness, pain and fatigue inside your heart. Cancerian females usually have strong maternal instincts so you've got to make her start caring for you again. As long as you remain the "tough guy", she might not warm up to you readily. She wants to see your sensitive side.

  • I agree with CancerKing. I'm going through a break up with a Scorpio man. Some days he wants contact then he doesn't. He's not ready to admit he did wrong. I wish he would read Cancerking's post. Then we could move on.

  • why dont you just tell him what you think the problem is

  • Cancerian Man,

    Big time player lol aaaww

  • cancer men need to grow up and learn to communicate. the world does not revolve around them. it's not everyone else at fault, they need to admit they are or were wrong and make amends.

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