Need some help with/about LEO man.

  • HI,

    I need some advice/ backup/ good words/ some sanity about the following situation. I already know all these things myself but it might help to get some extra words from others. To make a very long story short my leo boyfriend of 4 years,(me Sag) has been going back and forth with me and anothe scorpio ex. it has been hell and Ive tried to go away and be done but as women know , so hard to do. Some of the mind games and things that have been played have been

    unbelievable to the normal human. Cut to the end, he is trying to act like hes so confused, dont know who he wants etc, blah blah. Playing with feelings , hearts and taking his time. After this weekend of him spending it with the other, I decided I am completely finished with this shit,

    I have no desire for him or any of this anymore, even tho Im dying inside . I have to stop for my own self esteem that is already on the floor. I cannot stand him at this moment for the way he has acted is unbelievable. Can someone tell me Im still sane. just even last week he begged me to come over, which mistakenly I did, he text and called me all day every day all this past week. also on my work phone, sent xmas jokes, etc. goodnite sweet dreams etc. Come friday night all that stops because I know he is with her and cannot text or communicate with me. and just like clockwork as soon as he gets back from weekend last night on the dot, texts up with WAT UP?

    I said Goodbye to you too. He claims dumb what ever do I mean.. more bs and texts continue thru the night. This is what Im getting at, when I continued to tell him off and goodbye. He had the nerve to say that I was the one texting and calling, he is innocent. and then Finally said, "OK FINE BYE< dont text cause I wont answer, piss on it , you will be considered gone.." I replied , u already did.

    Somebody please tell me WTF? is he kidding himself, have I lost my mind to even speak to this jefrk ever again in my life. OOOOOO F@#$ him and his insanity.

    So I quit, adios mother F@#$%^ lose.

    Guess what , as I am writing this, my phone is blinking with santa jokes and Have a good day texts from him.

    HELP !!! I already know what advice is plain as day but some backup or new advice would be appreciated.


  • My question is, is the LEO really this freaking conceited and self absorbed blinded to the fact of their own actions to others? You have got to be kidding me right, he go sleep in some body elses bed, expect me to be sitting by phone with open arms when he get back, and when I tell him NO , GOODBYE.. hes got the balls to have a baby fit and tell me I will be considered gone.. OMG this is unfreaking real. because hes nit getting his way anymore.. advice please. AM I missing something here.?

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