Calling all males born under the sign of Sagittarius

  • Right Sag gus (and even any Sag gals who may be able to help.)

    What exactly can you tell me you desire and want and how on earth does a Taurus woman get any insight at all into your hearts and souls??

    Picture the scene. I met a sag guy thro work and helped him a lot. We were clearly attracted to each other. He told me he was hurt by a previous relationship. He also told me he was attracted to me and we were in touch for a few months. Now he has gone quiet.

    I have beat a dignified retreat I will not pursue it unless he approached me again.

    But I am curious- do any of you guys really want a relationship at all?? I know you love your freedom and I do respect that totally.

    BUT if i ever fall for a Sag man again I will run away... I am curious..... if you were attracted to someone would you want them not to be too obtainable? Would distance make you curious or would you move on? Once you knew they liked you would you think it no longer a challenge?

    Any Taurean woman who is with a Sag guy I would liike your thoughts too....

    Even if its just a lesson for the future I have conceded defeat on this as I know his silence speaks volumes but any advice appreciated.

    Feel like I have failed.... The communication was definitely two way he often text me early hrs of the morning or late at night and he clearly had more than friendship on his mind. At work he would call and ask me how are you? Sleep ok? etc... Hope u had nice evening tonight whatever you might be up to..... etc I dont get it.............................He also warned me about a couple of people at work i was looking after as he said they had stitched people up and were malicious and he wouldnt want them to hurt me etc.

    A few weeks ago he text me and said I have gd news I didnt break my wrist after all.... after he had a sporting injury its v weird. I know he hasnt got anyone else in his life as I know people he works with and is close to so that isnt the problem.

    He came up in a Tarot reading and my Tarot reader said he is confused has been hurt and is deliberating etc... lucky him!!! Oh I give up but any pearls of wisdom re Sag man greatly appreciated.

    For any of you who read a previous plea re this issue I have realised its no go honest but who knows Sag may appear back in my life one I would appreciate any thoughts from those of you who have the half man half centaur within you.....


  • Hey nefertiti...may i ask u a question about your sag ? u say u are older than him well im older than my sag what state do u live in your sitution with your sag sounds alot like mine sometimes i feellike when i dont hear from him that he is with someone else do u have a connection with your sag can u feel things can i ask what your sags name u think all sags are like this? and my sag also got hurt in a past relationship when i first started talking to my sag he was very distance and he had a wall so thick around him but over the years i have managed to chip it down a little i know this is confusing for 2 very much so he drives me crazy things i was doing to get his attention pursuesing him i think it turned him on we are still talking and hanging out but there is still space.

  • smallbit

    well I live in the UK I am a little bit older than him but I dont think he is worried about that.

    Have a look at another topic I raised in one of our forums called FATE Or LUCKY CO-OINCIDENCE and you will see my dilemma.

    I see signs all over with his name his birthday all sorts lyrics to songs etc have a look at the other topic as there is quire a bit I have said about my sag on that one.

    Hey honey dont worry my guess is you live in the states maybe? I live in uk doubt its the same guy.

    Mine is born 10th Dec 1982. I swear every time I try to forget him I get a sign it could be the title of a book I pick up a road sign a number etc loads of things. i have had some lovely replies on the other forum telling me not to give up hope. So you must nor either it sounds as if you have made progress.

    My story is I work in Personnel and some people at work had their jobs at risk and I had to help them. I have found all 35 jobs now in 4 months so I am really happy.

    This guy well him and I got close and we text each other a lot and e mailed etc.

    He DEF wanted a relationship and said he was attracted to me ad we were in contact for a few months then he went quiet I have not contacted him for a month I miss him. Some people have said text or call but I dont want to look desperate etc. BUT according to Tarot i will have a relationship with him in the summer.

    Well they are dear lovely people those Sag males but I guess I will never really understand them but hey it sounds as if you have made progress and have chipped away a bit and got somewhere I am so happy for you.

    My Sag ....well I am out very outgoing and he is really quiet and not exactly the life and soul he is rather secretive but I cant help myself he has the most gorgeous eyes and smile and you know what when he nearly lost his job he always asked how I was and said it must be hard for you having to deal with this etc. I think he has a good heart he has a lovely face but I do think he has a good soul and is thoughtful I hoped it was meant to be well we will see......

    Read the topic I raised called FATE OR LUCKY CO-INCIDENCE and I had some lovely replies from people which may give you hope too as it did for me

    Dont give up on your Sag it sounds as if you have got somewhere so hold that thought


    Its people like you who make me hold on.....

  • Well being a taurus I met this sag who I am madly in love with, still........We broke up we went through alot of things we argued about everything broke up every month and got back together. He was indecisive about us and would seem like he needed space. We didnt really allow that unless we would break up at which point he slept around and on another occassion I did too. When I saw this pattern of us getting back with each other I didnt do it again.Plus I was so in love that I couldnt feel for someone let alone think about someone else. He's been through alot of hurtful experiences and so have I. Me, I dont back down from an argument being that my venus is in aries wow. Still i am a double taurus with a cap ascending and he is a sag/sag venus in libra oh man. reading a compatibility chart it said this relationship should be avoided at all costs, it would be hard to pick ur self up after this type of relationship. We have a true passion for each other and that can not work alone .Even though I've been with enough people to know he's made me feel unbelivable. That is one in a million with me, and it has me kind of thinking that I wont find someone else to have me feel even close. He has taurus friends all around him and even an ex who was probably just as madly in love with him as I was. Just he only wants things his way and I felt backed into a corner or walking on eggshells because of something i did to make him feel uncomfortable. He wasnt a trusting person i do feel he loved me very much. Now that I've jammed his door lock because he mistakenly left a voicemail with him talking to another woman about what she would do for him and that he wanted to take her home with him. I was extremely jealous so that's how i reacted. Another time i broke his car window because the money I gave him just yesterday i wanted back because he didnt want to be with me. We both fought in the middle of the street he hit me first, he wont admit that, thats why the window got broken besides him keeping the money. I believe in him just I have my baggage that I dealt with, morals that we both broke of our own to be together. Now, I know he's turned off after me showing up crying saying my apologies that went unheard even his sister was pissed at me. I was overwhelmed and felt like I wanted to die but she was right, I couldn't go over there any more to give it some time to die down atleast. I miss him very much just i went beyond his tolerance for females. Now, as before he wont answer his phone for me that made me really obessed and consumed my time with calling him until he aknowledged my call. I was so angry I said alot of hurtful things and I did alot too. I guess it's whats been done to you and with out realizing repeated that same thing. We where engaged, I messed that up to the last time we got back together he didnt even bother putting on the ring he said why bother. Now maybe i dont know how to be a woman or something because he always said what do u think ur tough or something? It was a real power struggle, now I dont know what it would take to get us back beyond that I REALLY FEEL FOR HIM so much I cant see myself being with another person.....

  • asiaearth

    oh my goodness what a sad thing... hey I have to go to work now I will reply to you tonight dont fret or be sad


  • Hey Nefratiti...hows things going i hope ure thinking postive...i just got back from vacation went out of town 4 a week boy did my sag miss me i was home from my trip 30 mins and he wasover here i think he miss me...i think thats a good thing but i know people have different opinions ive seen him 3 times in a week since ive been back maybe i should take more vacations i dunno i think things are good with us i hope things are going good for u i hope u get what u want if it is meant to be it will happen i believe that ...Good luck.

  • Hey Smallbit

    that is nice thankyou .....Well no contact for 8 weeks but the weirdest thing happened. You have probably read my other posts in the Fate or lucky cooincidence thread etc. Anyway I looked after my Sag at work I am in Personnel and I had to find 35 people jobs etc. That is how I met him.

    Well I have moved on to another project now. I did find them all jobs including him!! Last week his best friend was in trouble at work and my boss asked me to look after his welfare so I have to call him etc (The friend not my Sag) but its kinda weird that all of a sudden I almost have a path back to him NOT that I have mentioned him as I dont think the friend is aware that we nearly had a relationship or any kind of attraction.

    Welll 8 weeks have passed. I have been proud of myself but its just been my birthday and all my astrology says go for it. So I am wondering maybe whether to send an e mail just to say hello stranger how are you? etc...

    I havent tho. I had my tarot last week and it said Prince of Cups yet again dark haired dreamer with brown eyes younger etc it cant be anyone else it has to be him. It said love in the summer same as before. It said this could be a serious romance BUT not easy when you dont know whether to make a move or not??

    I have done nothing I did post a thread asking Sag people if they think I should send just an email nothing heavy and see if he replies. I know he is incredibly shy and I think he thinks I am a lot more experienced than him which i probably am but I do want him. I dream of him I still see the signs. I am torn. I see such goodness and loving in him and when I look into his eyes I am completely head over heels.

    I have tried it get a grip and forget him but its hard.

    oh what to do....

    Thankyou for your post it cheered me up. I appreciate it. You are thoughtful, I have met so many lovely people on this forum and it is such a relief to be able to talk frankly,

    Happiness to you



  • Asiaearth,

    I need to reply to you too as it sounds as if you have been through such a tough time. I hope ur ok. I am sorry i should have replied to you.... I feel mean now but I got kinda distracted with other stuff at home and I really did intend to reply when I first saw your post. its now 1245 in UK. I will send u an e mail tomorrow to check if you are alright.


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