Hard Headed or in love?

  • I am a taurus (May 3,1990). There is a guy whom I've known for many years. We were never in a relationship but any time he reappears in my life I lose any ounce of emotional stability. I think he is my first love but i wouldn't say I was his considering he is much older (February 2,1980). I think my lack of accepting reality, is affecting my true feelings and questioning my love for him if there is any. Being a Taurus i think emphasize one trait very well stubbornness. could it be m pride thats not letting me get over him . the lack of having him in my control is what's making me think I'm in love with him ?

  • Hello Vistali,

    Well, to properly know a connection, the birth times of both people usually helps a lot, because it can show connections that may not show in the immediate chart. However:

    Him: Sun: Aq Moon:Le-Vg* Mercury: Aq Venus:Pi Mars: Vg

    You: Sun: Ta Moon:Le-Vg* Mercury:Ta Pi/Pi

    *both your and his moon are cusping either Leo or Virgo. My moon is the same--(I am a taurus with virgo moon. but, it was time dependent).

    In any case, one reason you feel such a connection with him is because you both might share the same moon sign. This give a feeling of immediate emotional connection. You may feel at home with him, and it may even be hard to discern your feelings from his. His mars is in Virgo, and yours is in Pisces. Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs, so you probably felt immediately drawn to him in that respect as well. To make your connection even stronger, you both share Venus in Pisces as well. All in all, it would be hard for even a level headed double Taurus to resist a relationship like this.

    The difficulty lies perhaps in the fact that he is an an Aquarius and you are a Taurus, and that he is much older. Aquarius and Taurus can get along, despite the fact that according they seem like opposed signs (I get along with many Aquarius and my chart is similar to yours in several places). However, Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs; this means that once you get your minds set, it will be near impossible to change them. Aquarius even more so than Taurus, because they make their minds up quicker.

    As far as what is causing you to feel you love him/lacking control: As I mentioned, the three pivotal planets for relationships (moon, venus, and mars) all share a direct connection with his. The fact that you are mars in Pisces means that you are even more inclined towards feelings of overwhelming love. Deep inside you are a very romantic person. His age difference means that should be have feelings for you, it will be easier for him to affect or suggest things to you. Your chart is more astrologically passive than his, and in fact you may be more receptive of his feelings than your own. Aquarius is a masculine sign, Taurus a feminine one. Your double Pisces makes you even more passive/receptive than the average Taurus female. What may in fact be happening is that you are feeling his unexpressed emotion (Aquarius tend to disassociate with their feelings; so he may not even realize this himself. It may be a subconscious transfer)

    You two have a definite connection. Whether it is positive or negative depends on the complete chart and how you two relate to each other. It may help to try and discuss this with him. However, be careful about making him feel closed in. Aquarius are very independent, and it doesn't take much for them to feel like someone is being over possessive.

    Sorry, this is really long winded but I hope it helps a bit.


  • This is truly a big help Taurusdreamer !!!!! I really appreciate it. I completely understand when you say doesn't like people who are over possessive. At one point i continued to pressure him to make me his gf and that didn't work out (stopped talking for about a year) but now back in my life and i want to know how to get through this . this uncontrollable urge cant always be around , i have to move on. Any pointers in getting him to talk maybe express his feelings? I need to know if its worth trying or should i accept it not going to happen at all , we've known each other for about 5 years

  • Hello Vistali,

    It is sort of difficult to say with an Aquarius. As far as getting him to express his feelings is concerned, he first needs to admit he has them. If you have known each other 5 years, and have spoken to him before about being his girlfriend, then maybe hold back a bit.

    With your chart you are probably very charismatic and charming-- I'm sure there are many men who would wish to be with you. Perhaps you should pull back from him and see how you feel around other people. Maybe, if you don't already, keep a journal for him only. Write how he you feel about him. List the positive and the negative, and perhaps feelings associated with him (i,e, do you feel happiness and euphoria throughout the day in relation to him, or do you feel anxiety and confusion, things like that) . Also, any dreams you may have with him and what you think they symbolize.

    This would effectively accomplish several things:

    1). It would allow you to see how you feel with him in comparison to other people.

    2). It would give you some space to evaluate your own feelings.

    2). It would make him miss you. Aquarius tend to want what moves is far from them (because they have such a fear of being closed in). If you still want to be around him, and he wishes to be around you, this may be a good break. BUT, if he does change his mind after you are apart, don't go right back to him.

    As Taurus women we tend to always be available and loyal to people, and as a result are often unappreciated. What very few people realize is how deeply Taurus actually feel things. Our polar sign is Scorpio--one of the most emotional and passionate signs in the zodiac. Taurus is often seen as Scorpio's opposite, and therefore not considered to be as emotional or passionate (dependable, unmovable, solid). This is not the case: rather, Taurus will submerge their emotions deep within (until boiling point).

    Because you have double water, you are even more sensitive then a regular Taurus. It is important that if you are with a partner, they are able to accommodate your emotional needs.

    Keeping a journal or interacting with others may allow for some new input in regard to your relationship.

    If you like , I could try and do a tarot reading for you in regard to relationship, although I am not sure how good it would be. Just let me know

    all the best,


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  • Hey Taurusdreamer , sorry for the delayed response but he actually did leave the country for business purposes. During this time away from him, i find myself even more "obsessed" .I have continued partying and enjoying life .But as soon as I go to bed he's the only one I think about . I think this hope I have created has prevented me form becoming serious with any other guy . I totally undestand when you say I am very emotional . Didnt really know about my double water signs but I usually connect it with being an only child . having the urge to protect,understand, and shield myself from any other guy other then him .

    please do a reading if its not a bother I really relate to what you are saying

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