Shuabby can you help plz?

  • Could you do a relationship reading for me? My dob is 2/19/86. Im kind of at a crossroads in my life and just need a little guidance. Thanks for your kindness and time.

  • Hello Nena1986

    I sense right away that you want to release yourself from a man that you are not sure you have enough heart felt feelings for, he seem at times to fullfill you and than pulls away and leaves you feeling confused. You will find the strenght to do what you need to do in this relationship or lack of, you will find that in 2011 you will want to just have more alone time and get to know yourself on deeper levels than you have in the past. You may not want to date or be in a serious relationship until the end of the new year when you are renewed and willing to accept anothers faults along with your own and move forward in the love department of your life. I feel a college student, a man that may want to become a doctor that you will meet . I hear a name like Kent here , you will have to make a slow and informed deceision about him when you start to have an interest in him.

    You will want to almost become a hermit in 2011 yet you will still find a lot of enjoyment in friends and family around you. A peaceful new year is in store for you.

    Happy New Year


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  • thank you for the reading!

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