Need help...ghost haunting me for years, please can I get a full reading

  • Hi, I am a single mom, who has needs help. I was born in July 7, 1965 at 1:05pm. I have a ghost attach to me, who does bad things to make me unhappy, unlucky, anything negative he sends it to me. I would like to know if there is someone who can give me a full reading, about my finances, career, my veterans claim if it will be approved, I want to move, so where do you see me moving, and my love life, which I have been very unlucky, thanks to this ghost. Will I ever move on, the man I love has married, we had a very strong connection, pyschic abilities, I love this man, I have visions of us together, so many things to tell but what I am trying to say, we were bonded in a very strange way. now he is married. But I know he thinks about me and thanks to this ghost, who says "if you are not mine you will not be to no one. I am 45 and never married, nor lived with someone. This man I love, I had a dream when I was 18 years old and 6 years ago I found him online. How am I suppose to let that go, it's not fair, there are many stories, things that happen but to long to tell. All in all I am connected to him, I love him, I have a bad ghost, unhappy, confused, lost, and I am in pain, the worst ever experienced. I cry all the time, I wonder about my future and will I ever be happy.

  • Is this ghost physically stopping you getting out and meeting people? No, stop blaming some poor shade for all your problems and go out and get what you want. The only thing stopping you is yourself. You are waiting for a hero to come rescue you - the princess imprisoned by the ogre in an ivory tower. You are waiting for everything you want to come to you but life doesn't work that way. If that man you loved had loved you just as much, he wouldn't have married someone else. Stop crying and dreaming and feeling sorry for yourself - take some positive action instead. Do you even know what you really want? You are the only person who can help you.

    I feel your career should be in the health industry, perhaps caring for or teaching children with disabilities? Yes I believe your claim will be approved.

  • To TheCaptain

    Thanks....I am tired of being when it comes to other aspects of my life I don't know what I want. All I wanted was to get married and have children. As for career, don't know. I did think about going into Dental Assistant this coming March and yes you are right...I will move on...I will take it day by day. Thanks.

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