1 Month Until My Birthday....

  • This year has been full of ups and downs - mostly downs... Just wondering if 2011 will be better for me?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this....

    Thanks in advance!

  • Dear hiprincecess,

    I feel that you need to be aware that 2010 has been a very tough year for the world at large. That said, you will see and upswing in your money making abilities in 2011 it seems to be in a unusual way. Are you a teacher or want to teach what you have learned to others?I see books here with you. There are some people names coming in here" Donna, Georgia, Albert.

    and Tom these people will be in your life and for a reason in the coming year.

    Are you planning on moving residence? As I feel you going where there are a lot of trees and than feels like a lake or river near by also, the house feels small to med in build and wood outside and old in years, needs a bit of work , but will be a stepping stone to something better coming for you a year down the road.

    Are you married? As I feel you alone or lonely at times and a bit downhearted in the relationship. I don't get the sense of children around you either. Do you have children?

    I will say that 2011 holds some challanges for you still your head will be above water and you will receive the help that is needed in areas to promote yourself.

    Happiness is coming.


  • Hi Shaubby,

    Thanks for your reply and insight!!

    No I am not a teacher - but I am training a lady at work...

    I am not planning on moving but have moved in the last 3 months and i can see trees from my bedroom window and it is near the river..

    Not in a relationship nor married nor children...

    I will keep thinking about this and see what I come up with

    Thanks so much!

  • Dear hipprincess,

    In the relationship department, spirit says that you are not to give up as there is someone for everyone that loves and wants love in their lives. I sense that you were perhaps an only child that did not feel loved and therefore has a time of it now with knowing just how the nature of love grows and than comes to a standstill to again move forward with growth that sometimes has pain and sorrow attached to it. You will be meeting a man that is stern in the first impression, but when you look deeper he has a good heart and yes kindness also, he comes in to me as a man of the cloth which means he has deep religious beliefs or did have in a former life. He will be introverted and shy , your need will be to open him up to the wonders of love, if you deceide to do so you both will become very happy together.

  • Hi Shaubby,,,,

    I think you could be spot on with this.... I work on Albert St...

    I met a man who was in the Army on the weekend and he is AWESOME! We have spoken since and he is very very sweet and caring... And has very good morals and beliefs.. His name is Tony - so perhaps that is the Tom?? And he is renovating his house to sell and it is near a creek and is quite an old house for our area... Do you see any future with him as I really do like him...

    Thanks again...

  • Captain - would you possibly be able to help me with this one?

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