I love H, but he got married, I live with a bad ghost

  • I have a gift, one that I am not truely sure if I want it, but what choice do I have. I met someone online 6 years ago. At a distance we had this special bond, one that seem odd, maybe scary sometimes. I live in the east and he lives in the west. We knew things about each other. The first night we spoke, I started to ask him questions, like what car did you have in the 70's, what cologne, and so on. Why did I ask, I been dreaming with this man since I was 18 years old. His face was faded, but I knew his body scent, (he prefers no cologne), and the van he used was colored blue. He answered " I prefer no cologne, my own scent, and he did have a blue van. After a few more questions, he ask me why are you asking these questions, it's scary. I told him he was the man from my dream. He did the same one night, and told me the scar I have, two of them, and told me that I felt guilty because my son is austistic and I felt it was my fault. One day he called me and said, " check your son's ears he is going to get sick", my son got sick the next day. I would wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning having a vision of where he was. I would ask him the next day and he would tell me, describe the place and what he was wearing. They are more stories like this, one day he would be nice and the next he would act different. Now let me tell you about my ghost, this ghost has been in my life since I was 18 years old, he was my ex boyfriend who died at the age of 22 . He sleeps with me, has touched me, if you know what I mean, and wants only nothing but my being unhappy, he wants no man next to me, he makes me feel bad about myself, well he made my life difficult. I always felt him sit in my bed, laying next to me, and hugging me like a couple, there were times when I didn't feel but I knew he was around. My gift is feeling, and hearing, sometimes I see shadows, and my gift has been devoloping more this year, that is why I sense this ghost much more clearly, I want him out and I always felt that he made this man the I met online, let's call him H,...grow apart. I feel H, can sense him, smell him...strange, but true, and now H got married, and it's killing me inside, I feel lost, sad, a broken heart. I knew he was the one. I felt it, I could taste it our being together. H was born in July 20, 1950, and I was born in July 7, 1965, yes he is older than me, but I loved him still do, and that didn't matter. What do I do? I feel pain, one that I have never experience before. It hurts so much, I can't seem to believe he got married, he told me he loved me, and we shared this bond, very strong. Now it's too late and I blame it on this ghost. I am so unhappy, I was going to move to the west, which I still do, and I wanted it to be where he lives, funny thing I wanted this before I met him, there was so many signs, I felt it, but now it's too late, he gets married and I get to live with this ghost. My life is uncertain now, I am trying to move on, but how, I want to move. But everything is comes out wrong, bad luck. My only light is my son. I need help,...

  • Have you tried to ask the ghost directly what he wants? to tell him to leave? or to go to a medium-psychic or priest to help you?

    Have u talked to H? I guess for now get rid of the ghost and then if u still want to move to the west then do it, u never know if life brings you and H together again!

    But you have to be strong, very very strong so u can send the ghost away!

    XOXO best wishes to you.

  • Dear Spanishrose45,

    The ghost of your late boyfriend seems to be there because you did not let go of him when he died. So, he stayed with you, now you are ready to let him go and you may need a ghost whisper to help you to communicate to him that he must go into God's light and that you will be alright now without him. In the meantime burn sage incense in your bedroom and throughout your dwelling daily and take sea salt and place it around your bed and in the corners of your bedroom. Tell your dead boyfriend kindly of the love you had for him but that he must go now so that you can love again.The man that you had a psychic connection with , how sad that this did not lead you to a lasting love relationship. This man came into your dreams and life for a brief time to show you that you are indeed ready to love again and that it is very possible for you. If you want to live in the West and can find the means to do so, than go there. You are ready for a whole new life in the new year. One where you will find the love of a man that will be with you and marry you, he will be of great help also to your son as I feel he is a healer in his own way. I hear the name George coming in here. I feel Indian heritage with this man coming in around you also. Grive and than move on , as the new year will bring you the happiness you are looking for in your love life.

    Happy Holidays


  • I can feel and hear the sounds, movements they make but if they talk I won't hear them. I have asked this ghost many times, if you read my post in the forum in love in relationships you can read what is going on. I did go and find out seeing a medium-phychic but they charge $65.00 or more. I have been to church, pray ever night for God to help me, but I still have it in my life. I want FREEDOM, that is what I am seeking. I want this ghost away, as for H...he got married, can't believe it,...we had a connection. I had this same connection many years ago with someone very special to me but with H it was different, he also knew things about me, it was stronger. Thank you for your wishes....it does help when you post and get it out. This subject is something that many people won't believe,..While this ghost is in my life I won't have love, he also likes to mess with other areas too.

  • I feel that a part of you that is very lonely doesn't really want the ghost to leave. So he stays on...

    What you had with H was a great and close friendship which you both needed at the time. There is indeed a danger of an extra-marital affair occuring if you moved near to him so don't do it. It would hurt both of you and his wife in the end. He would blame you for the breakup of his marriage and there would be all sorts of resentment and anger. You are both looking for a perfect relationship which is impossible to find on this earth. Your friend encourages you to realise your fantasies but in this case you must not give in to them or him. Your son would be so much worse off in this illicit affair. Everyone would be hurt. The pain you feel now is so much less than the loss of self-esteem you would feel after an affair. The thrill for you both was in the excitement of a long distance relationship - it could be anything you wanted it to be. But if you actually ever got together, the fantasy would vanish. You would both have to face cold reality where the thrill would be lost though sharing mundane daily life - you would find your friend's extreme mood swings very exhausting if you lived together. Through an affair you would also both lose the stability and the social approval you both crave.

    Appreciate the friendship you had and move on. Try to find a relationship offline - Cancers are very prone to fantasy and unreality with online romances.

  • To Shuabby..

    Thank you for your reply...it is so hard to move on without H. I have decided that I don't want to go thru this again. I love H...I can feel him..and even though he is married I know he thinks about me. I know I have to move on, for myself and for my son. I want to move to the west, east is not for me anymore. But I am veteran and I am waiting for this claim I did, to get pensioned, I can't go with out it. I also want to study Dental Assistant. Hope that works because and I so confused, lost it's hard to find my path. But what hurts more, is to let go of someone, I knew we could have made each very happy, I saw this man in my dreams, me online, and now I have to let go....it's not fair, why me. When my ex-boyfriend died we weren't together. I was 14 he was 18, we went out for 5 months and I left him,..then he died at the age of 22. since then my life has been hell....and like I said my only light is my son. When I met H...I thought finally he is here,...I was so sure we were going to get together. I had a vision once of us visiting my grandmother and my mom..for a brief moment...I saw us together as a couple. Now this...he got married....how do I let go of something like this....hard....painful...and I feel like a part of me has gone, died. Thanks again, and I will do the sea salt and incense.

  • To TheCaptain

    Thanks for the reply. It kills me to move on with out him. Finding ways to keep my mind off him as been unsuccessful. H has been married before, and he never cheated. I love him, sometimes I feel like we are one, I feel him so close that if I stretched my arms I knew I could touch him,...I knew him better then those that were around him...and he did too, he knew me better than my mom. I have suffered alot in my life. I knew he was the one. Because of my sufferings, I don't want any one in my life, what will happen, what is my future, don't know, but I move on because of my son, how do I do it? I don't know. But I am cursed with this ghost,..I will find a way to it can go away, as for H, he will always remain in heart.

  • No he was not the one - you only wanted him to be. Like Shuabby said, there is another man who is more right for you coming soon. But only if your heart is not still preoccupied with H. Let H go to his new life and move on. Look to your future, not your past.

  • To TheCaptain

    Thank you for your insights. Shuabby and you say there is another man soon, but my broken heart refuses to let anyone in. I can't think about it. H may never be in my life, but what do I do with my visions. One day I went to a gaming site, which both of play. He was under a screen name unknown to me. But when I look this particular screen name, I knew it was him..then one night I ended up playing with this person, and guess what it was him...incredible...more than 200,000 users in this gaming site, and I found him with another name. Sometimes I wonder what will my path be, my finances, where will I move. Uncertain, lost and confused.

  • Dear Spanish Rose,

    Let me start with I am not a psychic, just someone who participates in this forum. Like you, I came here when my heart was breaking. You are right, it is a GREAT relief to write down your feelings and get someone to respond. The people who have responded to you, Shuabby and Captain, are greatly sought after in this forum and they have given you VERY good advice. Happy Doc is also right to say that you must be strong, to send the ghost away and move on with your life.

    You must let go of this man who is now married ( and yes, I am speaking from experience). If indeed you are meant to be with him, somewhere in the future, you will be. Please remember that a man who loves you will move Heaven and Earth to be with YOU and make you happy. And he certainly would not marry another woman just because it;s convenient , meaning that she might live near him. There has to be more that he is not telling you and there is a part of what is making you unhappy. The NOT knowing...

    Did you and he ever meet? Or was your realtionship online only? Sometimes for romantics like us, the online romance becomes 'real', but dear one, it isn't real. Just all our hopes and dreams of love written on a screen where both parties can live out their fantasies, all the while hiding behind the screen, hiding what is real in your respective lives.

    You must focus on your son, who needs you, but more importantly focus on yourself because if you allow this to consume you and make you weak, how can you take care of your child and meet his needs?

    The first thing you must do is ask the ghost to leave, as you seem to think that he is to blame for things not working out for you. Once he is gone, you should feel some relief. Then you need to take some time to think about what it is you want to do with YOUR life. Not your life with married guy in it, or ways to get into married guys life. YOUR LIFE. The life God has blessed You with. You and your Son.

    Finding that path that feels right is very difficult right now, but pray for guidance and you will find it. Do you speak Spanish? If so....Busca tu verdadero camino, que El Senor nunca te dejara sola.

    Love and Light to You, Spanish Rose

  • Dear DecemberGirl,

    Thank you for replying. All who have replied I thank you for your input, and I know that I have to move on, right now my priority is my son and myself. I need to get better. Will I ever forget H? No but at the moment I can't do anything but except what is. It hurts so much I feel that part of me is dead and the only thing that keeps me alive is my son, not that I will ever do anything to hurt myself or wanting to die. Like I said I do have a son, who is my light, my blessing. I need to focus on positive, new things to do. This will help me move on. But I feel drained, everytime I think about my situation. I withdraw alot from people, wanting to hide myself in my home, like a cancer would do. The only thing that was given to good was my son, ...oh and my life...but my life has been hard, why so much pain...I can feel inside me, my chest, ...how do I move on, to a life of peace within myself I don't know but I will start with my son. He is the light of my life at the moment.

  • Dear DecemberGirl

    Si hablo espanol, ..gracias por tus palabras

  • Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu hijo. Aqui estoy para ti cuando me necesites 🙂

  • Gracias ....aqui estare tambien. Mi vida ha sido muy dificil. Pero mas que esta presencia negativa que me rodea...tambien es temor. No se como empezar mi nuevo camino. Tengo tanto dolor dentro de mi y es verdad si el me queria de verdad el ya hubiera estado aqui. Es nuestra cultura existed la cosas como esta que a veces aqui en los estado unidos no entienden. Yo vi una senora mayor de edad en Puerto Rico decirme que esta presencia se para detras de mi y cuando yo me miro en el espejo, me decia como "fea, estupida, tu eres mia y de nadie mas, de momento yo estaba alegre y de momento cambiaba a enojo, y todo esto ha sido esta presencia. Me tocaba, se trepaba encima de mi para hacer el sexo. Yo intuia que algo andaba mal...pero un amigo de familia que es espiritista me dijo lo mismo el ano pasado, y que yo necesitaba darme banos, y el me hiba ayudar a que esta precencia se alejaba de mi para que se fuera a su lugar donde pertenece. El ano pasado, esta intuicion que te hablo, se me desarollo y estando en mi cama escuche un pasos entrar a mi cuarto dar la vuelta y sentarse en mi cama. Yo lo sentia antes pero ahora lo escucho mas claro. Reze mucho y hable al amigo familiar donde me dijo que era mi primer novio que murio y que estaba alrededor de mi y que yo lo sentia mas claro porque estaba desarollando espiritualmente. No he podido ir a Puerto Rico por mi situation economica pero espero ir dentro de unos meses para que esto se me valla de mi lado. El amigo familiar me dijo que cualquier hombre que se acercaba a mi el lo alejaba...lo mismo que me dijo la senora anos atras. Quizas H no me queria como el me dijo,...pero sigo pensando que esta presencia tuvo algo que ver. H iba a visitarme todo estaba lista y un dia me dijo que no iba a verme. Se que tengo que olvidarlo pero sigo pensando que esta presencia hizo todo lo posible para que nosotros no nos vieramos. Teniamos tantas cosas en comun. Yo tenia visiones de nosotros juntos, que dificil es todo esto.Pero voy a seguir adelante, ...porque tengo una vida y mi hijo.

  • Estimada Amiga,

    Tengo tanto que decirte, pero ya es tarde. Trata de dormir y te escribo manana. Sigue rezando, ya que el Senor te escucha. De eso nunca tengas duda. Y pide a tu angel guardian que este contigo y tu hijo, hoy y siempre.

    Que duermas bien y te escribo pronto.

  • DecemberGirl

    Gracias y aqui estare manana. Que tengas buenas noches.

  • SpanishRose, I wonder why nobody has offered to communicate with your spirit for you. Would you like me to try? To tell him you love him but you are ready to move on now so he must leave you and pass over to where he should be? I am fairly new to it but have boked a lot of successes so far, you can find me under the thread What do you see Paddi under Anything Goes.

  • Dear Paddi,

    Good morning, I will find you under your tread. Thank you for your help.

  • My contribution:

    SpanishRose this is a bad person I do not know if he was a bad person when you met him. I do not know what the reason was for why you you split with him. He bears a grudge against anyone who does better than him. he is terrorising you because he considers you to be a weak character who lets yourself be terrorised, ie a victim. He is like the little boy who likes to pull the wings off a fly and watch it suffer. He is laughing nastily at me as I write. I do not know if he was like this in your time with him. The only way you can rid yourself of him is to stop being a victim. Banish him from your thoughts, banish him from your house, one of the other readers suggested salt in your bedroom and burning sage I think on your thread, do that too. Show him you are not scared of him. And the sexual thing, it is your body, you are responsible for it, tell him to get his dirty hands off you. You have a gift too so use it to get rid of him. Convince yourself as well that he has gone and that it was a success.

    The white lady is a grandmother I think and she is looking after you but you have to call upon her for her help or she won't help you. I am trying to get a read on the white drop but the only thing that comes to mind is a bag of money or money of some sort. Sounds dumb to me but maybe you can read something in to it. What is on the other side of the celing? Maybe you should check it.

    If you can't get rid of him then spend that money on getting someone else to do it for you, I am not strong enough to do that. It would give you peace and a chance to get on with your life.

    Finally read through the posts from Captain and Shuabby again because really I have not told you anything new so maybe you would do well to heed both their advice and that of your family psychic.

    x Paddi

  • Dear Paddi,

    Thank you so much for the reading. I will get the sage and the sea salt in the mean time. But the thing is I am not afraid of him. At first I was but not when it comes in my room I am not scared, just angry that it is here. But I will ignore it, and do the sage and sea salt. I knew that this was evil. When he was alive he wasn't, he was kind and never did any harm to anyone. The reasons why I left him was things had changed between us, we were together for 5 months. I did started to like someone else, whom he knows, we weren't together, but we like each other. This man Jose, l will call him, was kind and a wonderful, he became a familly friend and at that time I was in Puerto Rico, he told me was going back to Philadelphia, he didn't want to hurt and that is why weren't together. Respected in every posible way, I would think that this ghost is angry at that too. Jose died a months ago, he became my first love, even though he wasn't my boyfriend or first. The ghost I liked him, but I was not in love. I was 14 years, young to have boyfriends anyway. One thing this ghost died in a unusual way. First when we were together, younger he would never touch drugs or drink liquor but when I left him he started to drink, and started to hang with the wrong people, drug related, working for them. He was a this tiny island we have in the town we lived in, and was drinking and doing drugs, he was in the water and the group that was with him found it odd that he was spending too much time in the water, (also a diver) he's body was facing down in the water and when they check him, He had died, they say he overdosed with so much liquor and drugs. This ghost loved me alot, I was his first girlfriend to him, like me. So years went by and wasn't doing good, but he still remain a good person, never harming anyone, I think he was still angry probably at me for leaving him and also for the way he died. I believe he was 22. I was 18. At had a feeling he was laughing at me too, nasty like he did too you. But you see my gifts, I am still new at this and still don't know how to tap into it. I can hear and feel him, no voices though. My visions happen and I don't know how that happens. I also had a connection with Jose, when he left PR, never wrote back but I would ask his family to see how he was doing. But when I was 18 I was walking with my mom to downtown and all of a sudden I felt Jose, I knew at that instant he was coming to PR. I told my mom but didn't say anything. A week later he was in PR, this happen to more times after that. It was odd and I always wonder why him I had this connection. Now with H the man I have been talking about in my thread the connection was stronger, I could feel him, and he knew me too. It was odd. He's from the west I am in the east, never met in person, but we knew so much of each other. I even found him in this gaming site, with a screen name I didn't know, he had changed it, I when I saw the screen name I knew it was him and I got to find out it was, one day playing with him, he admitted to me it was him. Any way can you tell me if my suspitions are correct did the ghost had anything to do with H and I not being together, as well as in my past. H and I were happy at the beginning and all of a sudden he started to change in some days, one nice next day not. Now with the lady in my house, I felt she was a good ghost, and I haven't seen her in al long time. How do I call her to come? My family psychic wants to help me and has the strength to do it my problem is I don't have the money to go to PR. As for the white drop, when you enter my sons room, right at the door frame but inside I have a smoke alarm and next to it is where my son and I saw it, If I leave his room I enter a small foyer that has a bathroom and leads to my room. There is a linen closet also. when leave my sons room there is an opening to the living room, kitchen and dining room . I live in an apartment building, three floors and I am in the second which means that there is someone upstairs from me. I will move on, ignore this and do what I have to do so it can go away, but it is hard to forget H, I wonder if the ghost ever bothered him too, I always felt he did. Making him say things or do things to hurt me. Then on other ocasions H would be so loving. I still feel him, and believe he thinks about me, wondering. H told me something I felt odd, he said that my son was his spiritual dad. I wondered about that. I am needing fast cash right now , to pay some bills so I was thinking about doing a candle fundraiser that I know I can use, so I can also get the money to go to PR. Do you think this will help? Be successful? I have this big hole in my pocket and until my veterans claim doesn't come though I won't be able to be in better conditions, I am a veteran, and I got the Persian Gulf War Syndrome, also PTSD. So I am not working and why I have money problems, but Iwant to do something in my home so I can get better financially, and get to PR to fix this problem. Plus by March I want to study the Dental Assistant program, hoping that I can get job, and hoping that maybe by that time my veterans claim is approved. I am trying to move on.

    Thanks for your reading Paddi

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