• Hi Ahliyah,

    I would like a reading for my son Christopher ( DOB 9/3/95 Birthplace NYC Time 7:20am)

    will he recieve the financial support that he is entitle to for his disabliity and will he recieve it around the first of the new year?

    Thank You,

    and many blessing to you

  • Hi Ahliyah,

    Yes I feel he will be given assistance that is needed in more ways than one it feels like to me. He also needs home care and emotional healthcare in ways too. You need to ask for assistance for yourself if you are his only caregiver, as there are people organizanions connected sometimes to the hospitals that can send in a qualifield person to care for him when you need time to yourself.

    Blessings to You Both


  • Good Morning Ahliyah,

    And Thank You, so much for the reading on my son I really appreciate it, as a matter of fact I recieve information and finances for him yesterday. Thank you once again for all your insight

    and please feel free to let me know if there is anything else u may see that will help him develop

    and prosper.

    Thank You Again

    Blessings to you and yours also

  • Hi Blimoon,

    I would like a reading please. I wanted to know how things will work out in court for me( Family court )on Oct 12,2011 as far as finances go? also will they continue my order of protection for myself and how will things go in Divorce court im feeling very nerves about things,because the day after he was serve he tried to call me.

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