Hi Captain! Hoping to "meet" you for some insight!

  • Hello! I come and go from these forums at different times and have seen that you offer a ton of hope and inspiration to everyone so I was hoping you might see something from me. My main hope is to find my life partner or at least a long time partner. I struggle between wanting my alone time and my freedom to being extremely sad that I seem to be the forever single girl. I feel that I grow each day and have learned from each relationship and moved on, I am careful not to make the same mistake over and over, but I still sometimes that my life is not intended to have a partner? I was born September 8 1981, 12:02 AM. I don't know exactly how your gift works or what information you require so if you need more information from me I would be happy to provide... But my biggest question in life is "where is he?" lol Thank you in advance! I hope you are having a beautiful day 🙂

  • You do tend to struggle with wanting lots of adoration and attention and fearing being ignored. Then the rest of the time you fear someone dominating, criticizing, overwhelming, or limiting you. I feel you have been 'broadcasting' the wrong information to the universe to meet your needs. You have been looking for a committed partner when really you need someone like yourself who doesn't need or want anyone to be around you all the time, just to be there when you need support and love and to know when to back off when you need alone time, someone who will accept and not judge you. Once you have this desire clearly in your mind and are sure that is who you want in your life, you will attract the right person. Part of you has been panicking at the thought of having someone around you all the time. You should try to draw someone who understands your need for space yet can pile on the adoration when you need it.

  • Wow.. Nailed it. lol You have an amazing gift, thank you. I have been told that my 'frequency' is sending the wrong signal and I have struggled with that my whole life. That is why I always just choose to be alone. See anything with myself and a long time friend? June 5, 1980... We have always known that we have traveled in many lives together. Thanks again. You are awesome.

  • Keep this as a good friendship - it will be nothing more. Your friend won't be able to reach you emotionally on the deep level you need for love and quite frankly won't understand your reactions in a romantic sense.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the reading 🙂

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