Need help with my vision?

  • this is my first forum, so, not sure which is the correct way to start this. anyway, it start with this dream that i have, i was in the taxi, like i was going somewhere, the taxi driver point to the man with suit, and said go to that man, and i say ok, as i about to get out, i forget my purse, i tell andrew (the man with the suit) i forget my purse, can you pay for him i will pay you back, he give the driver 50.00, i tell him i have to go back and get my purse, he doesn't look happy, his cell phone ring, and he answer, after he hang out, he say i will meet you back at the apt. i ask we are not going to see movie, he replied. you have to go back and get your purse, how long were that take, i say only few he replied. ok, i will wait for you. as i walk away, my friend show up, i have money you don't have to go back and get it. i say ok, thanks and my mother show up too and give me 20.00 and now go to him. as i return to him and tell him i have the money we can go now, he is very happy. other vision that i have is this is when i was in the europe, on my vocation, i was in the middle of Roman street, i saw image of him infornt of me only for a minute, other one is 11/04, my parent anniverary i was think to myself, i want to find someone spend my life with and i saw his face and mine looks happy together, other one is in my dream, someone was tell him we belong together, but he doesn't believe and shake his head, mean no, then there is flash and the man appear, and tell me don't listen or don't worry everything is fine, come with me, as i was going with the man, i heard the other voices saying she is right, you two belong together, and then i felt he is follow me and other man. just other day, i heard voices saying he does love you and then there is other voice say he doesn't, i need help with this vision, which is true, is andrew the one i am suppose to be with, or is there other, whose voices i should believe, or there is also another vision, i am surrend by golden lights. and all difference gods and goddess. is mean i am spirtiual advance. i am surrend by all the light later. thank you for all your help with this vision. appreciate it.

  • I feel these dreams mean you are conflicted about this Andrew person. Sometimes you think he is the right one for you, at other times you think he is too domineering and may only be after you for money. You must follow your gut instincts and not your emotions or what you 'hope' he is for you. Be realitstic - if you have doubts, take the time to find out more about this man.

  • thank you for your advise, you are right, i am confused sometimes my gut tell me he is and other times he may not be, i will take times to find out more about this person, because i feel there is more to it than to meet the eyes,

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