Celebration of Forum Spirit

  • In September I joined this forum and got a great help from all of you in my difficult time. I know I did right to come here and sick the spiritual advices! I send for all who search for love and looking for the freedom of mind this beautiful poetry by Anna Ahmatova. Let's be ourselves, let's be as we are in love and in hate, in happy and difficult time what is all about it is the lessons that life itself bring to us to be pure and ourselves. The most important thing that I learn here is to accept myself with all my problem not to beat myself anymore but looking forward for every minutes of existence on earth as life is short and beautiful with suffering and with happiness with friends and without friends we must deal and accept ourselves first and choose the right road and company to our final destination!

    There’s a secret border in human closeness,’

    There’s a secret border in human closeness,

    that love’s being, love’s passion, cannot pass –

    though lips are sealed together in sacred silence,

    though hearts break in two with love’s distress.

    And friendship too is powerless, and years

    of sublime flame-filled ecstasy

    when the soul itself is free, fights clear,

    of the slow languor of sensuality.

    Those who try to reach that boundary are mad,

    and those who have – are filled with anguish.

    Now you know, now you understand,

    why my heart won’t beat at your caress.

  • 🙂

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