Can someone please do a reading / tell me what they feel?

  • My birthday is sept 13, 1984 born in USA. I feel like I have to fight really hard on a daily basis and I'm getting exhausted. I want to know when things will be better for me in my love life, personal relationships, work? Will I be able to go home? Thanks in advance.

  • There is a crying child inside you that is hurting from past injustices and who holds you back when you try to move forward. You have to speak out and behave fearlessly and unashamedly, and your greatest fulfillment will come through your work so make sure your career is something that inspires you and makes you feel proud.

    We are all responsible for our own lives so whatever you put into your life, you get back. If you inject negativity into it, you get it back and the same with a positive attitude. When things are right, they are easy so if you are fighting at the moment, something is not working for you in your life. You are going against your natural flow in some way. Examine how you might be holding yourself back with old attitudes and issues or fulfilling other people's wishes, dreams, or expectations that are not yours. Are you working so hard that you don't have time for a private life? Are you obsessed with finding someone to take care of you as you may not have been taken care of when you were younger? Is there a fear in you that you aren't smart or capable enough to move ahead without family or a love partner's support? When you dig deep to find out what is holding you back - it is never an outside influence - and remove those barriers, you will move forward in leaps and bounds.

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