Taurus woman Libra man

  • I am involved with a Libra man for about 2 yrs now and I wonder if anyone knows if he is good for me he is September 27 and myself May 14, do all Libra man are indecisive about life or is it just him we care and respect each other and love each other but its so hard when he kinda disappears and then reappears is that a normal Libra male thing???

  • This relationship is unlikely to achieve much stability. Its critical attitudes and resentments are usually too intense to afford much rest. You two have extremely different atittudes to life, in particular your approach to all things physical, and would be expected to have issues in that area. Furthermore, your friend's need to 'improve' you places tremendous expectations on you which you may be unwilling or unable to meet. Because your friend lacks the ability to leave this issue alone, you will in most cases either fight back, withdraw or break off the relationship - or else your friend may himself withdraw.

    You have a lot to give your friend in a love affair, especially in helping him to relax, so it's a pity he doesn't appreciate you more. But you must watch for procrastination. Your open attitude to intimacy will teach your friend quite a bit, and provides a stimulating and rewarding outlet to daily stress. Affection and sympathy must be expressed in this relationship, in order to deepen its levels of trust and acceptance. In marriage, personal pressures will probably be too much to bear for it to work out. You usually return fire when criticized, and may accuse your friend of a drive for perfection that makes your relationship artificial, disconnecting it from natural feelings, thoughts and actions. Your friend's use of real or mental checklists to monitor your shared activities, ranging from financial to sexual, is likely to become intolerable for you. And a friendship can be even more problematic here. Although you two relate well enough, you may have little time to spend together, unless a special project or activity captures your joint attention. Selfish atittudes are likely to deprive you of each other's help in times of need, and over the years you are likely to just drift apart.

  • I am capricorn and have dated a libra, I have a one poin tin my life been indecisive, almost never making a decision until I only have one option, lol. My issue was that the libra woman like many other woman was not getting herswelf grounded; one relationship after another. Many males ans females do this. I do find that relationships work when both share a cause, passion along with faith together. Self security must come first, once you really have that; you will not need anyone to discern your relationship. You should be able to discern your relationship on your own if your ready. Now may not be the time. He could have emotional issues underlaying that need to be healed.

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