Captain can you please help me ?

  • l like this guy and we have meet in the past . but for some reason we lost each other but l cant stop thinking about him

    my date of birth is 13/06/1979 and his is 20/06/1970

    love it if you could help

    regrads Rac123

  • This is not fortunate for love, it's best for working together. This is more a meeting of the minds than hearts. Your relationship is more about achieving your goals/projects or accomplishing epic feats than it is about love or intimacy or marriage. Your friend's basic tendency in relationships is to give himself to romance and the security of a home base, and he would have to be more motivated to get involved with you. You tend to be success-driven more than security-driven. You would have to work hard to prove yourself and, if you should fail to give him what he wants, your friend could grow to dislike and ultimately reject you. Friendship here is easygoing with fewer pressures than a love match.

  • thank you for that l think deep now l always new we would never be together

    if you have time could please give a letter or an name of some guy l will meet in the near ?

  • No, I don't do that. The future changes as you change. But I can help you work through any issues you might have that are keeping you from attracting true love.

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