Reorienting to the New Timeline- Accension Symptoms

  • Poetic555,

    Well...not sure what the technical name are for many of the things. I know I have knowledge that I am not sure where it comes from or how I know how to do it. I keep thinking I will run accross it in the books I read at home.. For example, weaving the threads of life/light like I put in the Akashic records. I seem to know how to do rather complex protective energies that are compromised of light, objects and symbols. I work with more that one color of light not sure the relevance on that. White light and blue light seem to be the things I work with the most...not sure why. White, golden, silver and blue flames I have worked with.

    When I look into a person's eyes that I know I see much if I am not careful to block it out.... There have been instances where a few people have asked me to tell them something about themselves, the things I see or know are like deep inner things...not the things a person would typically share even with a person they have known for years( clairvoyant).. I feel other peoples emotions and ailments,but I have to be careful so that they do not blend with my own and affect my own emotions. (empath) . I've mainly ready close friends tarot cards only in the past. I seem to be drawn in a strong way to things about Akashic Records, Angelic Beings, Atlantis, Egypt and Celtic.

    Even in my work environment and the guy I date, I have to try to tune it out to a degree or I pick up on the things behind the scenes not the things as they appear on the surface. When reading like more esoteric or enlighted knowledge, its like I can put pieces of the puzzle together discern the facts. I pick up on people by their eneergy to see if they are of a "good" or not so good nature. I tend to pick up on undercurrents like changes in the phases of the moon, eclipses, and even discern between what I would call a "friendly" or "unfriendly" spirit or entity. The "unfriendly" ones tend to have a heaviness about them kind of like a looming dark cloud is the best way I can explain it. The good ones tend to be lighter in nature and have a flowy feeling about them.

    The last major thing I did was at one of the solstices a few years back, too many people in the area I lived were taking too much interest in seeking my daughter or noticing her energy around her at the was like a portion of her began to awaken. I somehow knew how to pull the energy of the event into a protective force around the three locations that she typically went to and erase the imprint a person leaves on those places so that she could not be located by that. I remember a lot of energy and going to two of the locations astrally and using energy and symbols of some sort to protect those locations. One key I forgot at the end of the undertaking was to ground the energy at the third for a couple of days books er...came off the shelf at that location... So to say my ex-husband called me to let me know what was happening, so I ended up having to get together while he watched over me while I undertook grounding that energy and closing it.

    From a past life reading I did on this website, it keeps mentioning thiings about some of the areas that I am interested in...but what doesn' make sense to me. It has a part where it tells that I chose to come back at a time that would present challenges in my personal love relationships so to speak...if you had gotten to a point you could make a choice like that, why on earth would you chose to go back to a more something like that more difficult unless there is a lesson you yourself felt you could learn better.. I don't know if much of this I am trying to explain makes sense.

    There's not been too many people I have tried to explain this to as it all seems so odd to me still. I had a guide in college for a while I worked with...It's like these gifts, the knowing, the Ascension and my soul mate are all tied to this journey but not really sure how yet... I guess the external validity I seek is to find something in a book like one of the protective things I do, the symbols or some type of external source that helps me to understand these gifts/knowing and I guess validity that these things are as valid as I suspect they might be.

    Obviously, I guess learning that these gifts can't be suppressed, you can't run from them and that life will keep bringing you back to your path until you finally move forward on it and accept it. I am to the point I accept that I have gifts but need to understand certain points of them before I move forward. About the main external validation I've had is when I was in college, I had mulitple readers ask me why I was not at a psychic festival reading people and I just remember looking at them curiously and just trying to dismiss that idea.. I have one other person I am trying to look their current circumstances on their path and then I would not mind practicing it on you if you are open to it.

    Who knew my thesis on Enlightenment in college...would come back to be the thing I am trying to grasp further... ( I was a religion major...religions of the world...concentration in Japanese Zen Buddhism)


  • Just wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this thread - and of course, thank you Poetic555 for another informative, definitive article. It's absolutely amazing, isn't it - how so many of us have gone through these same symptoms during the same time??

    I've noticed significantly within myself, a sense of restlessness - oddly paired with fatigue and lack of motivation beginning around November. I went through a complete identity crisis and shift in social groups/friends during the end of November. Then, during December (early on) I began to shift my focus outward, on my community, and became passionately and positively involved with the arts and education. I got a weekly event started up to create a time and place for the creative community where I live - and simultaneously raise funds for local charities. I had a MAJOR release of painful energy and self-loathing just before the solstice/eclipse. And then and only then, did I become ready to open myself up to love. To give love; and more importantly, to receive love. Without compromise of myself - with authenticity, with honesty, with compassion.

    Physically, throughout this time, I have had palpitations undoubtedly related to stress, absolutely strange eye pains/pressures going on since February/March - but they've returned in intensity in Nov-Current. Occasional digestive issues (typical for me) - and some other health issues as well. I've been lazy and longing to lounge in bed - I've had many many dreams of pregnancy (immaculate conception, anyone?!) - and finally started eating again after close to six months of anorexia.

    This certainly has affected us all physically in different ways - but I've noted that all of those I'm close to, or privvy to the details of their lives, have certainly had a rollercoaster of a ride this fall into winter (and it's not the run-of-the-mill holiday edginess). It definitely has to do with shedding old skins, embracing one's self, and issues of love and compassion.

    I'm absolutely intrigued by all of the information within this thread - and again, thanks to all of you!


    Wild Places

  • Hi Poetic - perhaps this explains some of the pain and stiffness I have been feeling. MD ran tests for rheumatoid arthritis and other stuff. I have arthritic pain in left thumb joint, but a weirderer thing happened on my right thumb. Started out as a small itchy bump in november - thought it was a bug bite - then it got a little bigger - like the size of a pea and rather cystic looking. But Xrays didn't show much. THen week after Christmas, I started waking up with stiff joints but especially my right hand. It would be flat out and stiff and hard to flax or bend. really weird. Then last week about Thursday, this nudle on my right thumb started to swell and by Monday it was the size of about a dime and reddish and seemed fluid filled. So I got an appointment with the dotor who aspirated it. We both expected to see either clear fluid - like a cyst - or something rather pussy come out, but what came out was a bit of gelatinous alien "goo" with a tiny bit of blood. The weirdest thing I ever saw. He said if it came back they would probably have to lance it to get it all out - whatever it is. My right hand is still stiff but not as much now. The nodule is still there, but not as red. I was also starting to get less night sweats in October and they came back in Novemeber. I hope they back off now. Anyway - I hope no one else has been invaded by "alien goo" in their joints.

    WildPlaces - I was just the opposite - feeling like I was eating way too much for 6 months. I feel like I might be slowing down again. Vivid dreams - oh yeah - some whoppers. But those are way more enjoyable than the night sweats.

  • Hey guys, I'm really enjoying all of this I think it's beautiful that we can talk to each other about whats going on in relation to our own personal enlightment journeys, we all have a lot in common.

    Greystar- You are extremely gifted, you have very advanced gifts:

    .. For example, weaving the threads of life/light like I put in the Akashic records. I seem to know how to do rather complex protective energies that are compromised of light, objects and symbols. I work with more that one color of light not sure the relevance on that. White light and blue light seem to be the things I work with the most...not sure why. White, golden, silver and blue flames I have worked with.

    ** You are a highly evolved soul if you can have all these gifts, I've read each time we come back to Earth we retain whatever gifts we had from previous lifetimes, we also carry the past life pains and traumas with us if we don't release and transmute them. The lights sound to me like the Twelve Rays which the Creator gifts us with, The Flames I'm sure you know are Transmuting Flames and Ascending Flames all gifts from the Creator. I know there are ways to block your gifts or turn them off when you don't want them. You are amazing Grey Star, you just don't remember, The Channelor's are saying that WE ALL are gonna start remembering why we are here. Relationship wise, well maybe you did something in a past life relationship wise and are making up for it in this one? Your daughter sounds like an Indigo Child or Crystal, it runs in families you know, soul family's.

    We have this in common Big Time: Akashic Records, Angelic Beings, Atlantis, Egypt and Celtic

    I have always been fascinated with all things Egypt, Atlantis and recently Angels and the Akashic Records. I believe you were probably in Atlantis, do you know the story? I can get you a copy of the story told by Arch Angel Metatron. You being into the Moon Cycles is important too. We used to have a lady on this site who did Past Life Readings her name was Soap Maker and she could tell you exactly who you were even back to like the times of the Celtics maybe she will come back. You should have a Spirit Guide Grey Star, ask for one and the Universe will respond. The symbols mean something to you maybe you were in Egypt before also. I'm here for you anytime, I love talking to you.

    Let me tell you what I'm going thru, during my meditations especially since the Energy on 12/21 my meditations have been so strong that I feel like I'm going to black out, no painful just extremely intense to the point I'm almost asleep, my heart feels HUGE and I ask my guides to make sure I'm not going to have a heart attack! lol! I'm gonna see if I can handle what is beyond but it is kinda scary. Last night I believe I was either visited by Angels or Introduced to Angels not sure, couldn't recall everything when I woke up, I have an affinity with the Angels they mean so much to me on this journey. Well Be back soon.

  • Wild Places- Well now you know the pain in your eyes, I'm having that too by the way the heart palpatations all related to the Accension. I too thought I was pregnant last year, I even had dreams of a baby telling me to let it live to four months and it would survive, I was terrified, this is for Turtle dust too, I learned the hard way when meditating that you have to let that Energy flow out thru your foot Chakra's because it gets built in and is quite Painful! I could barely walk for about a week once with pain in my Hips! Awful! Not good to get interuppted in the middle of a Meditation! Ouch! Wild Places - We are being asked to start living from our Hearts instead of our minds and that is why you are so attuned with Community and Nature, good for you.

    I'm also having a lot of movement in my stomach like a baby moving in there, did find out I have a very large Cyst on my Uterus that may have to come out, I'm trying to heal it with Purple Light.

    "Blessed Be"

  • Poetic555;

    When meditatations are so intense, you can actually enter a state that is almost like working in you sleep. I think it is a level of consciousness. In regards to Angelic workings, it is very important to purify your mind and body. I meditate and cleanse with white light, and either fast or eat a much lighter meal.

    I find the healing you are doing fascinating. Each attempt I h

  • Poetic555;

    When meditatations are so intense, you can actually enter a state that is almost like working in you sleep. I think it is a level of consciousness. In regards to Angelic workings, it is very important to purify your mind and body. I meditate and cleanse with white light, and either fast or eat a much lighter meal.

    I find the healing you are doing fascinating. Each attempt I have tried to heal has either led to an illness after or feeling drained and wiped out. I tried to heal a physical ailment on my soulmate without telling him and have been drained for 4 days. I think I must either be missing a step or am not ready to do this again in this life yet.

    Thank you for the insight into my gifts and what is going on. It is helping me to work through this and gain the understanding I am needin g to move forward. I would definitely like Blmoon,s insight when she has time. She was on a post where I utilized my gifts for someone other than family for the first time. I could use her insight as I fceel like a person that knows A and D but not the steps inbetween if that makes sense...


  • i asked her yesterday, she thought she had talked to you already, I hear constant vibrations in my ear too and I think it means I'm on a higher Vibrations, sometimes I feel they are calling me and I close my eyes and the lights are there. ? 🙂

  • Poetic555,

    They are calling you if you feel like that with purpose or reason. I have learned over time to go with the flow and follow if it feels right. As for the dreams about pregnancy, I think this is more about this shedding and rebirth process you are going through. Part of the rebirth process once the shedding has passed, is to combine the energies of what you once were so to speak, what you are and the higher self or the witness that can not be fooled. Somewhat a multi-dimensional being. Doing this to a degree is an act to pro-create or rebirth. Once you emerge as a multi-dimensional being so to speak, your entire view changes and so to speak you are transmuted into something new.

    I hope in some way this makes sense to you. I get these intuitive insights and etc suddenly out of nowhere with a sudden urge to speak... As for Blmoon, we were on the same post helping someone. I was trying to intuitively clarify one of her readings upon a request for assistance. I took your advice and went off of pure intuition without doubt. I am hoping Blmoon can assist me with what steps I am missing so to speak between A & D that could clarify and these gifts and ascension further. Blmoon has great insight from what I could see in that post. To be so advanced as many allude to, I feel so much of a novice with these steps missing..

    I hope this speaks to you in some way. Please send that reading on Atlantis and Metatron when you have time. I remember things vaguely from the Celtic times, and from the Egyptian times.


  • She helped me a lot on my journey last year, she is a good soul! Keep trusting your instincts and Guts and don't doubt yourselft the Angels say that all the time, I know I still have a ways to go to get where I ought to be. They say too to replace all fears with love.

    I'll find the Atlantis paper, it is absolutely FASCINATING. Some folks channel Jezebel and boy I love her personality, very outspoken! You can copy and print these posts and read them when you have more time. 🙂

  • Poetic555;

    I watched the videos Delbertc posted. They are very enlightening. The answer to the question about the crystals...the help us to channel energy and ability to hold much energy. These also help us to connect to the crystals now being put in the laylines no so that we can direct the healing energy to mother earth. The things it protects ujs from are the darkworkers. There wil always be yin and yang, good or bad, light or dark...the polar opposites. Darkworkers are the opposite of lightworkers... A time will come when we /must protect oujrselves. A time will come when the crystals will help us to emmolate light through the darkness on the days when there is n o light and the darkworkers will be that darkness.




  • Poetic555,

    Do you know if Capricorn444 ever saw her reading...I noticed haven't been able to pull it. I haven't been online much this week...but was suprised it was not there when I looked today. I will definitely check out the posts you sent. Thank you for all of your help. My daughter is gearing up to go back to school this week...if weather things are starting to pick up on the home front also..


  • K, don't know if she saw it, weird, sometimes "big brother" will pull them. We have had some fab folks on here thru out the last few years. "Be Blessed."

    P.S. I'm gonna try meditating with the Crystal Pyramids.

  • Greystar, make sure you see this one, relates to a lot.

  • Thank you so much for helping me access these new posts...It's like more understanding comes as I read them...It is like it takes some time to full digest them .


  • I think this is the most exciting times of my/our lives and we agreed they say to be here for this!

  • angel hugs

  • Very true. An exciting time.

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