Sooo Sad

  • Is there anyone who can read for me? I am so sad and feel like there is no hope left. I feel like I am walking through a fog and I have cement shoes on. I would be forever greatful for some insight.


  • Dear Princesswitch,

    Saddness always is a signel of an ending happening in our lives. I feel like you are brokenhearted in more than one way at this time in your life. I need for you to give me your DOB and questions and I will be glad to read for you.


  • Thank you so much for your time Shuabby 🙂

    My birthday is 7-29-1966

    I love a man who is at a fork in the road. I know he loves me. I am praying that the reading will tell me that we will eventually become a couple. He is good hearted and means the world to me... Can you tell me anything?

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


  • Princesswitch,

    I am not a reader but can sympatise with your feelings as I feel the same way. It is like everywhere I turn another obstacle jumps right in front of me.....I am trying my best to overcome these obstacles and have received wonderful advice from all the beautiful people within this forum.

    Hope things work out for you.



  • Thank you so much for your good wishes Geraldine. It means a lot to me. This is not a good time of year to be so sad. I wish you all the best as well.

    Many Blessings, Princesswitch

  • Dear princesswitch,

    The man that has your heart has deceisons to make that are not easy for him to do as I feel another person and perhaps children involved here too. He does care about you and knows that you love him. He will need some time to heal and than I sugest that you take it slow and easy with him and allow him some space of his own. Than he will begin to grow closer to you and want to make it more of a lasting relationship, the time span I feel for this happening is one year. You need to start to think more about yourself and what you want to do with your life as well. You will be in the year of lessons of life and study. Any schooling that you involve yourself in 2011 will work well for you. No time to be depressed or sad as you have many blessings to count and many to receive in the new year.

    Merry Christmas To You


  • Dear Shuabby,

    Thank you for the reading! I pray you are right, and I will take your advice wholeheartedly... I appreciate your ime and your thoughtfulness!!!

    Merry x-mas to you as well!


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