Appreciate some insight.

  • Hello, I have been communicating with a gentleman for about 2 months. We email everyday/twice a day and I say, I really look forward to them and enjoy our conversations. Anyone have any insight as to where it may go?

    Thank you in advance and best wishes.


  • Dear MissD

    I would like to ask you if you have checked this man out throughly for honesty.?Online romances can really lead to heartache when one party finds out the other party is married, or not telling the whole story. That said: You will continue to enjoy conversing with this man for a while longer. I feel he is nice in conversation that you enjoy. I'm not receiveing a lot of information here about long term relationship. Leave it at a friendship level for now. In the meantime get out there and meet some person to person men. I hear the name of Larry or Gary coming in around you. Be a joiner in 2011 don't set at home, life will be so much more interesting that way.

    Merry Christmas


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