Libra lady seeking love and happiness

  • And why would you WANT to hear from that scammer again?

  • dear captain.........typing with one hand. what is the name of the book by louise hay? i should read it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • "Heal your body A - Z" by Louise Hay.

  • thank you captain. i was let go from my job last now back in the doldrums!

  • You should be hopeful and positive - spirit is just clearing the way for a better future for you.

  • I got the book today by Louise Hay..........I love it! thanks so much for turning me onto this wonderful book and author..............

  • You're welcome. Louise is very good at what she does - healing.

  • Hello Dear Captain............I live 3000 miles away from my only son. Since I fell and broke my arm, he has been pressuring me to go back east and live with him. I like my independence here, love the weather, and really don't mind terribly the living alone part. How can I make the best decision for me? I know he loves me and wants me close to him, but I don't want to be maid and cook again........just plain mom............Any advice for me, please???????????

  • Follow your gut, not your heart. Don't let your emotion and love for your son sway you into doing something that will be wrong for you and ultimately (if he becomes used to being mothered and looked after) bad for him too.

  • You are so very wise.......................I cannot tell you how much I appreciate and truly value your input!You have been a blessing to me.............

  • You're so very welcome! 🙂

  • Dear Captain, I have missed you. I don't know why but I have become a hermit lately. I don't talk on the phone to friends I seldom have money to eat out or go play Bingo. I feel so lonely and isolated. I don't know if it is my fault I have been so withdrawn or what. Sadness is just too much to bear. And I missed talking with you too...............hopefully to say something to lift me up out of the doldrums. I need a job, but don't know where to start looking. They say I am "overqualified: or some other code for being too old. What am I to do:Start a hobby: I need something to inspire me or someone. I don't want to go back on depression meds again..........Asking for your help........AGAIN................Jerrildine

  • I have good news for you, then - I feel a complete change of life coming to you very soon, before 2012 ends. Would you believe a whirlwind courtship and marriage - yes, I feel it. How exciting, eh! You will be very happy and very active with your partner, getting a whole new lease on life. All this will come about because of an accidental meeting at the shops or supermarket so get out your grocery/shopping list and go, go, go, girl! A new hairdo or clothes will boost your confidence if you can afford it. You are certainly not too old to start over and this (slightly younger) balding man is going to give you back your youth and make you feel better than you ever have. A soulmate for sure!

  • Good morning Captain. It has been a little over a month since we last communicated. I have not met the "new man" yet..........still looking. Am applying for jobs again. My finances are in very bad shape. I would love to have a new hairdo or new clothes.........What can you tell me about numbers? When should I go play Bingo? I am surrounded by casinos, and love Bingo, but need to be wise about when, where and what time I play.............I am keeping my eyes open for the slightly younger balding man too...............Only another 6 weeks or so before another birthday for me! Thank you..............I really want a whirlwind courtship and marriage to manifest itself! WOW!

  • It's not about the right numbers to win Bingo - it's about whether you believe you deserve to be a winner or not. I sense a new confidence and hope about you that will certainly attract good fortune, good situations, and a good man so keep this positive attitude up. Don't just hope to win money or a partner - expect it and plan for it to happen. Think about all that you will do when the money and/or soulmate arrives. Live your dreams as if they are happening right now and they will come true!

    Also enquire about hair and makeup training schools/colleges in your area where you can get free makeovers from the students (who are of course closely supervised by their trainers).

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