Libra lady seeking love and happiness

  • Those who keep on trying win out in the end.

  • I feel as though my fine asthetic sense of beauty could manifest in the areas of art, interior or fashion design, hairdressing or cosmetology, or architecture for some examples.My kindness and compassion would make me an excellent counsellor, diplomat or peacemaker/mediator, helping testablish justice for others.I could be the archetype of the artist, the inventor, the athlete or the leader. A natural networker with many contacts, I am here to serve the greater good of the community. As your energy flows, so does your abundance. Stop the creative flow and you block money flowing to you. When you come from a positive inner place, you do well financially. Any feelings of insecurity and lack will only make you more down-in-the-dumps. So I made a decision andnow to start moving on it!

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  • I met a Leo gentleman online through a singles site. Do you think he would be good to meet in person?

  • I can't advise you unless you give/tell me something about him, like his birthdate, or post his photo.

  • he faded into the photo, no more!

  • Dear Captain............what would be a compatible sign for me to be with? I still have not been able to find a companion/mate! Still searching.........I have a friend, his birthday is 12/24/42..........what do you think?

  • According to astrology, your best matches were born -


    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 - March 24)

    • Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24)

    • Gemini (week of June 11 - June 18: more romance than deep love)

    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Virgo (week of August 26 - September 2)

    • Scorpio (week of October 26 - November 2)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 11 - December 18)

    • Pisces (week of March 11 - March 18)


    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Cancer (week of July 11 - July 18)

    • Leo (week of August 11 - August 18)

    • Libra (week of October 3 - October 10)

    • Scorpio (week of November 12 - November 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of November 25 - December 2)

    • Aquarius/Pisces (weeks of February 8 - February 22)


    • Aries (week of April 11 - April 18)

    • Taurus/Gemini (week of May 19 - May 24)

    • Cancer (week of June 25 - July 2)

    • Leo (week of July 26 - August 2)

    • Virgo (week of September 11 - September 18)

    • Libra (week of October 11 - October 18)

    • Scorpio (week of November 3 - November 11)

    • Scorpio/Sagittarius (week of November 19 - November 24)

    • Capricorn/Aquarius (week of January 17 - January 22)

    • Aquarius (week of January 31 - February 7)

    • Pisces (week of February 23 - March 2)

    You and your friend would be bad together in a love relationship. As powerful and magnetic as this match can be, it can also be highly contentious. Strongly unconventional and asocial tendencies can be aroused here, underlined by you and your friend's striking need for privacy and a penchant for secrecy. The two of you have strongly contrasting personalities which could produce friction and difficulty. Becoming involved with someone as spirited as yourself may prove irresistible, however. Once you get involved with your friend, you may both feel that some dark force or fate has you in its grip. You Venus will be confronted by a projection of your own dark side in a love affair or marriage here. Your friend may function as a subconscious ego figure for you, becoming the irresistible object of your secret desires. Falling in love here can have grave repercussions for both of you, and you may be getting in way over your heads - caught up in a maelstrom of feelings, the two of you can be drawn to levels of emotion deeper than any you have yet approached, both positive and negative feelings.

    A friendship here can fulfill a need insofar as it may compensate for the absence of a satisfactory family relationship. Such a matchup can be extremely close but possessiveness, overdependency and inhibition of personal development in the name of loyalty to the relationship must all be carefully monitored. You must give each other room to breathe.

  • Thank you so much Captain...........invaluable information! Now all we need is a person who fits into one of these categories..............hahahahah

  • Ask...and he will appear - if you are ready.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Captain...........I met the man of my dreams today! At the Walmart! He struck up a conversation with me, I found out he was from Cuba..........he works at the NewYork NewYork casino here in Las Vegas, as a bartender...........He was absolutely gorgeous! Well, we never exchanged names or phone numbers..........I was just excited! Wanted to share.............Do you feel if I will ever see him again?

  • I am ready!!!!!!!!

  • If you are fated to meet him again, you will.

  • Just like if I am fated to win a large jackpot at Bingo, then I will, right?????? Maybe I am getting the hang of this.......:-)

  • Finances and love both flow when you remove the inner blockages against having them. I can actually feel a big fear in you of being rejected as not being good enough that is holding you back from finding a love partner. You have to be willing to risk rejection and make mistakes in your search.

  • As usual, you are absolutely right! I don't know why I have this unreasonable fear of rejection. I am attractive, intelligent and in reasonable good shape for a 70 year old! And underneath it all, I really would like to find a loving partner..........You know me so well, and we have only corresponded on the internet!

  • No doubt your fear of rejection will have had an early start somwehere in your past, maybe in childhood.

  • It did! It did! REjected by my mom and dad!!!!!!!!! Oh boy!!!!!

  • Heal that issue and it will become much easier to attract love. Start by trying to figure out WHY they rejected you - certainly it will be some fault of theirs, not yours. But you have probably blamed yourself or carried this fear of more rejection all your life.

  • Dear Captain, My parents were married 10 years before I was born...........They are both deceased now, I think(or know) my dad wanted a boy..............And I was always trying to earn their love.......don't know much more, but yes, I have carried a fear of rejection ALL my life..........I was (am) smart, attractive and was always trying to what?

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