Libra lady seeking love and happiness

  • I am............waiting for a miracle!!!!!!!!

  • Don't wait for it - create it yourself.

  • can you help me please, captain. I don't know how to create anything.....i am lonely now, wanting a partner in this journey called life.

  • What is it that you want a partner to give you that you feel you cannot give yourself?

  • Also, do you actively look for love by going out and circulating and putting yourself out there at social events and places - or are you waiting at home for a miracle to walk through your door?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am now, thanks to you, being more assertive and going out and being social. Not looking for someone to give me anything, but to complement me. Sometimes, I am just lonesome, but on the other hand, I like being independent and alone. HaHa Ha.........And.......I lost the job I had working from home!!!!!!!!! Need some financial help, if anything, Thanks, Captain.

  • In what way do you need financial help - in choosing a new career or perhaps where to find work or setting up your own business or what?

  • With the price of gas being so high, I have been seeking work at home opportunities. They call me, all want money, and turn out to be some "pie in the sky" crappy internet schemes. I would like to still work and be active, don't know where to look, and don't have any money to set up my own business.....what suggestions do you have for me, please?

  • Is anything preventing you from working out of the home?

    Have you looked into selling clothing, jewellery, makeup, homewares etc. on something like eBay? I believe a lot of people have made money buying things in their area or market that others can't get in theirs, such as arts and crafts, and selling them on.

  • I have looked into selling on Ebay. First, I have no capital to buy items wholesale and then raise the price and sell on the internet. Postage and mailing is very high here. I have been looking into various businesses you can do from home, but so far they all seem like scams...........Captain, I am trying to keep a positive outlook, but I suffer from depression, and don't want to go to that dark place again. I cannot afford therapy any more, no insurance. So, don't want to end on the "woe is me" phrase......I appreciate any advice you can send...........

  • What about starting with selling things that you own? Things that maybe are no longer useful to you? Jewellery, books or clothing? There is a big secondhand market out there on the net or even at your local market. Are you good at making anything? You may even be eligible for a business loan if you have a good idea.

  • Have you considered doing a course of study - your fine asthetic sense of beauty could manifest in the areas of art, interior or fashion design, hairdressing or cosmetology, or architecture for some examples. Your kindness and compassion would make you an excellent counsellor, diplomat or peacemaker/mediator, helping to establish justice for others. You would also be a great entertainer or public speaker. By virtue of your creativity and presence, you are the archetype of the artist, the inventor, the athlete or the leader. A natural networker with many contacts, you are here to serve the greater good of the community. As your energy flows, so does your abundance. Stop the creative flow and you block money flowing to you. When you come from a positive inner place, you do well financially. Any feelings of insecurity and lack will only make you more down-in-the-dumps. So make a decision and start moving!

  • I give my clothing that I don't wear any more to a center for victims of domestic violence. I don't have any jewelry. I have pawned all my gold and silver a while ago. I am not "handy", can't knit, crochet or make things. I appreciate your advice and concern. What shall I do?

  • Don't give your clothing away - try selling it online or in the local paper.

    You must have some talents you can use.

  • And if you don't want to study, is there anything you yourself can teach?

  • You are very good at giving advice, financial or otherwise, to others. What advice would you give someone in your position - try to be objective as if you were advising a stranger.

  • I have begun investigating something called PrePaid Tutors................I will write to the sponsor again. I would love to teach the law to some students...........

  • Good for you!

  • Well, that didn't work out. I always believe persistence pays now I am going to volunteer with an organization called CASA.........court appointed special advocates for foster children. Seems like a good way to give back to the community...............Maybe meet my soul mate............LOL

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