Libra lady seeking love and happiness

  • Now you realise that it was not your fault for being unlovable - your parents were just acting out thir personal problems and you got caught up in it. Your father wanted a boy because he didn't really trust or understand women. It's not your problem so why have you been carrying it around like a ratty old suitcase? Time to put down that burden and learn to love yourself again. When you stop rejecting yourself, you will begin to attract those people who won't reject you either. Otherwise the old patterns will keep repeating.

  • So now I have (WE) identified the problem and the me please to learn how to love myself again. I really really do want to attract the right kind of companion in my life.........this exchange has been invaluable to me!!!!!!!!! I don't know how to thank you, brought tears to my eyes..........

  • Try writing down your strengths (ask your family and friends for feedback too) and focus more on them than your weaknesses. Fall in love with your good points, and accept and deal with your faults. And do nice things for yourself.

  • Asked for feedback on my one replied to my emails........laughing out loud! I bought myself some flowers, and had a manicure this week...............nice beginning an online interaction with a gentleman, will let you know details, so you can assess if it might work or not...........meeting for coffee maybe Friday..........thanks, Captain

  • If you like, I can summarize your strengths and weaknesses here -

    although I have probably mentioned a few already in this thread.

  • I don't know why I was unable to open the link you sent...........:-(.I don't think you sent me what are my Superpowers and what is my Kryptonite???????? 9/24/40 is my dob.

  • Your superpowers are enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, psychological insight of others, keen observation, social consciousness, attractiveness, kindness, sweetness, curiosity, idealism, sensitivity, communicative ability, aesthetic sensibility/good taste, and diplomacy.

    Your Kryptonite is a need to be popular/desire to please, failure to speak up for yours or others' rights, a lack of discipline, focusing too much on self, inability to emotionally detach or be impartial, avoiding conflict to keep the peace, being so self-reliant that you end up alone or trusting in people who don't deserve it, thinking you can 'cure' someone or that they will be the perfect mate who puts you on a pedestal and asks nothing in return - unrealistic choices, a lack of confidence, a fear of being dumped or abandoned, trying to copy or avoid your parents' relationship, trying to be perfect, and mistrust of self.

  • Captain, I forgot to tell you how my coffee date went............He went straight to sex talk at 9 am between the eggs, and the bacon............I just couldn't believe it...........Don't much like folks who get into my personal space, but he wasn't interested in anything but immediate intimacy from the very beginning. I did speak up and said this was not going to go any further..........YAYYY for me!!!!!!!

  • YAYY for you! BOO to him.

  • Dear Captain, I have not been online for a long time. Computer fizzled out. Had to wait to get money to have it fixed. I am taking tax preparation classes with the hope of earning some extra cash for about 6 weeks, from January to April 15th. It is so do you see me coming into a financial windfall anytime soon?

    My good friend (male and Chinese) found out he has cancer of the prostate, and I have been trying to be supportive to him..........

    Also trying to fight off another bout of depression, contributed to or cause by my severe back pain. I was hit by a car as a pedestrian, and have a herniated disc. It flares up every now and then. I do not want any surgery...........

    So, just a quick update from me to you.............Let me know what you think about all of these issues, please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't expect any magical stroke of good luck to strike you - life is all about you getting busy and taking action to move forward. I feel like you are stuck in the same old groove or attitude, going around and around in a dithery circle without moving ahead at all. No one is coming to save you and no bolt of lightning is going to strike you rich. It's all about you changing what doesn't make you happy. And change involves taking a risk. Swap security for adventure. Try doing things in a different way.

    If you are bored with your work, change it in either a small or drastic way.

    If you are depressed, give thanks you weren't killed in the accident and vow to begin seeing the positive in your life, instead of the negative. That's depression - obsessing on what you don't have and ignoring what you do have. If you need surgery to get better, then grit your teeth and do it.

    I think you are avoiding life rather than living it. Maybe you fear sticking your head up out of the ground in case it gets cut off, but if you don't lift your head, how will you ever see the sky? Get out of your routine rut and do something different. The Universe helps those who help themselves.

    Not sure what you want about your friend - he is lucky you are being supportive.

  • Dear Captain, I am going to try...........honestly going to usual, you hit the nail on the head!

  • It has been a whole year since we began corresponding! Can you believe it? Not much has changed for me, I did move my residence, still have not found the love of my life, and still am unemployed...........but I am still here, enjoying every single day and celebrating LIFE> I wish you and yours a happy holiday season.......

  • Same to you! 🙂

  • Dear Captain: I have been emailing a gentleman who initiated contact with me. He lives in London, England. I live in the state of Nevada, USA. His birthday is 10/9/57. Mine is 9/24/40. He seems really nice. Sends me emails for the past 2 weeks every day. Says he has never been married. I need to ask your advice. Could this be the one?

  • Venusblues, you cannot really know anyone you have not met in person. Thinking a stranger is 'the one' is wishful thinking. People on the internet can pretend to be anyone and can tell you what you want to hear. Chat with this guy as a casual acquaintance if you like, but don't go overboard for him and pin your hopes for love and your future on him. Long distance relationships rarely work out. Ask yourself if you feel safer meeting people at a distance, rather than face-to-face and it will tell you something about yourself.

  • Thank you so much. You are soooooooooooo wise!

  • He was emailing me every day since january 1, 2012. then he called from london. then yesterday 2/9/12, he sent me a photo of a check in the amount of $950,000 Us dollars. Said he needed help in paying some kind of "tax" and then he would leave england and come to the united states. needless to say, i did not fall for this scam............thanks, captain for the great advice.............doubt if i will hear from him again..............

  • also i fell and broke my left arm 3 weeks is still very painful and swollen.............hope good vibes are ahead for me!!!!!!!

  • You don't need to HOPE for good vibes, VB - that implies you cannot create them yourself whenever you want. You are the mistress of your own vibes and destiny. Just do the things that make you happy and those positive vibes you give off will attract nmore of the same. If there are no positive vibes in you to start with, then nothing will be attracted.

    Healer Louise Hay says that broken bones mean rebelling against authority. And arms represent the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life. The left side of the body is the subconscious side so the total interpretation of your broken arm would be a subconscious fear of life's experiences and not feeling able to handle them, and also the fear that you are not the authority of your own life and mind and feelings, that others may be in control of you instead.

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