Libra lady seeking love and happiness

  • this is for the Captain. I would love to have a reading. birthday 09.24.40. is love, companionship in the cards for me. or is it just all in the past?

  • Why on earth would you think your love life is over, Venusblues? You're still alive aren't you, and where there's life there's hope. Just because you have made mistakes or had bad/failed relationships in the past doesn't mean you always will. If you can get to the source of your issues with love, then you can remove the blocks to finding your next soulmate. It doesn't matter how old you get - if your heart is open, you will always attract love.

    Now let's see what might be holding you back from having a wonderful relationship -

    Your astrological profile reveals that you may possibly set overly high standards for yourself and others. It's fine to have a strict moral code but not to impose it or your need for perfection on others. You no doubt have a lot of helpful advice and wisdom to pass on to other people. Blessed with great idealism and sensitivity, you will nonetheless find your communicative talents put to the test in personal relationships.

    You have a fine aesthetic sense of beauty and a great capacity to give and receive love - having a partner can be very important to you. But your love of freedom may make it difficult for you to commit. Trust is a key issue in the choice of a partner, one that can make or break a relationship. You need to feel valued by someone you can love and respect.

    There is a tendency however for you to fall under the domination of a more stable and stalwart love partner or family member and, despite your keen perception of social issues and your knack for sounding the necessary alarms, you may fail to speak up for your own or other people's rights. You can get stuck in your desire to please all of the people all of the time and can experience mixed results when you use your natural diplomacy to mask the real issues. But developing real standards and cultivating your highest sense of right and wrong will help you overcome this problem. If you use your talents for harmony in the service of tangible goals, you will find it possible to be both popular and respected.

    Your kindness and sweetness are sincere. Your wishes to please a partner and avoid ugly confrontations and open fighting are commendable. However, there is often a parent-child slant to your relationships with either a big difference in age or the level of maturity between you and your partner. You're not all that selfless and can use some manipulation to get what you want, but you will willingly sacrifice the battle to win the war. Yet appeasement and avoiding conflict won't save a relationship.

    If you live in fear that you're going to get rejected or abandoned, nothing will allay that fear but actually getting dumped. This fear stems from your lack of confidence, from some unrealistic choices in the past, and from conflicts over whether you actually want to be in a relationship in the first place. Check whether you are identifying too closely with your parents' relationship, eihter trying too hard to copy it or desperately attempting to avoid the pitfalls that your parent of the same gender encountered. Maybe you tend to obsessively avoid, yet end up repeating, patterns you saw in your parents' relationship because you mistrust your own powers to hold onto a healthy relationship. To restore your equilibrium, you need to understand both the positives and negatives of being alone, as well as the pros and cons of being with one other person. Dig deeply into any issues about being so self-reliant that you end up alone, or having much too high standards for any partner to meet, or being too trusting towards people who don't deserve it.

    Once you get to the bottom of your stumbling blocks, you will find that romance is readily available to you and that love will beat a rapid and determined path to your door. I can see by your numerology that 2011 marks a time of new beginnings and opportunities for you, so do the work and get back into the swing of romantic relationships. Make your New Year's resolution about resolving your issues to finding a soulmate.

  • are you anywhere near Las Vegas? do you do telephone readings? I think you were excellent. I have tried to deal with these issues over and over.........wish I could find a way to resolve my abandomnet stuff once and for all..........

  • I live in Australia. But I will try to answer any question you have here.

    Resolving old issues is all about realising they were put on you by some other damaged person - it was not your fault. You would have been fine had those who were charged with looking after you not dropped their problems onto you. You have to develop the understanding not to take the things that happened personally. They were not your fault but the fault of your caretakers who were working through their own difficulties and didn't have time to give you the love and attention you needed. All you have to do is forgive them and also forgive yourself for blaming yourself for all these years over something that was not your fault. And to learn to trust that future relationships will not repeat the same attitudes and behaviours of those past flawed ones.

  • This post is deleted!

  • You are soooooooo on target! I find it so hard to trust.......especially men. and am so scared of being hurt again. Gosh, any suggestions on books I could read for self help. I doubt if I will ever get to your side of the world..:-(

  • You don't need to read a book - you have all the answers inside you. Just be honest with yourself and dig deep to find your authentic self, the one that has no fear of anything. It's not really that you are afraid of being hurt by someone else, just that you don't believe you have enough strength to endure any more hurt. That's the heart of the matter and where you need to do the work - finding out why you don't trust yourself to be able to handle any situation you find yourself in.

  • This too is for the captain. I am Libra42 and previously posted Justice & Fairplay on the blog. Seems like you are preaching to the choir (figuratively):-) My bday is 10/14/58 @ 2:31 am. I would like a reading about romantic partnership in 2011? Understanding Librans feel successful when partnered as a whole. I wonder is it a blessing or curse? Because my House of Partnership has nothing in it. Confusing considering how easy it is for us to love and Venus being my planet of love. 2nd nature to open my heart and express by feelings. I analyze (maybe) I'm expressing my thoughts as well. I do try to hold back that part in fear of complaining. I try to edit so that I'm not a turn off or sound like imitation of a matyr. The Scales that I try to balance wonders if I should give less in order to receive more? As you aware, we are givers and can sacrifice our own happiness for it. Then later feel angry because I cant find my own anger. Have no problem stating my dislikes when I feel I've been wrong. My indeciveness looking at both sides (to be fair) has me torn. Karma seems to be the contributing factor. I hope you see this.... Totally interested in what you have to say from all of this.

  • Libra42, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of the page and I will answer you there.

  • Wow Venusblue, same birthday as me except different year...............

  • thank you for your incredible insight and support. i am going to try to find out why i am such a " scaredy cat"...............still will keep in touch with you. doncha go anywhere!

  • what a birthday.........the captain is just fantastic!

  • to the Captain: I want my own house desparately.Do you see me having a new residence this year? With no one walking over my head.What about travel? I want to go to Puerto Rico to visit my grandson. Which month is best for travelling there? Also, what is my outlook in 2011 for huge financial boost? I will be 71, so tired of working. Wish I could win a royal flush big time at the casino..thank you and Happy New Year.......i understand you are having tremendous floods in Austrailia. Maybe the Rapture is really coming in May 2011.

  • If you want a new residence, then you must make realistic plans to do it.

    I don't see you travelling for quite some time. There is too much in your life that needs attending to.

    The outlook for winning money is very good for you so taking a chance on gambling will pay off. But do follow your hunches and not your emotions.

  • thank you captain. i havefound a new condo, $100 a month cheaper than where i live now. i have not had any gambling fortunes yet. waiting for the right moment i guess. hope you are not affected by the floods in australia.

  • There are many forms of gambling so don't just think of the usual ones you go with. Try something new, something that feels natural to you. Everyone can be lucky if they find the right forum for their gambling.

    That's great about the condo. 🙂

  • You know, I think I like 2011. I am very happy to have found a new abode. Nice couple who are the landlords. I will keep you informed of my "connection" to be lucky. I am surrounded by casinos. Most of it is boring...........thanks for being there.

  • I'm happy for you. 2011 will be good for those who face it with courage and hope and faith.

  • It has been some months since I have chatted with you. Hanging in. No relationship nibbles yet.....I do keep looking, though. Trying to keep hope, love and faith in my life as you suggested. Wishing for just one big "win" so I can give to my family, son and grandson, and never have to work again.........Just letting you know I am still here...........

  • Keep the faith!

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